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Can XFL and USFL Co-Exist? Is there Enough Football Talent to Support 2 Spring Leagues + CFL?

Can the XFL and the USFL co-exist? Is there enough quality non-NFL football talent to fill the rosters of both the USFL and the XFL?? We bring on former XFL Director of Player Personnel Eric Galko, Run The Sims creator Justin Freeman and USFL historian Paul Reeths to analyze the spring football landscape, talk USFL Week 5 and more! Is there enough spring football talent to support USFL and XFL alongside the CFL? We talk through things the XFL and the USFL should be doing to best position themselves in the spring football market moving foward plus talk how the USFL could better support those who want to play USFL fantasy and gamble through sports betting on the new league.

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The Markcast® is a sports-centric podcast hosted by Reid Johnson, covering news and opinions related to the CFL, XFL, USFL and other "alt-football" leagues outside the NFL.



  1. David Tress

    May 13, 2022 at 2:30 pm

    There is plenty of football talent for both the XFL and USFL, two leagues which represent no threat to the CFL. The biggest threat to the CFL is the salary cap. The ten year freeze at $5 million has strike written all over it. The salary cap should be dumped for a balanced budget clause. Then there would be no strike. Teams that can afford to spend more should be able to spend more. Then there would be more talent in the CFL and more fans in the stands.

  2. C.P. McClennan

    May 26, 2022 at 12:47 pm

    Last year, prior to the USFL…the third spring start-up league in four years…the CFL was already showing that the talent level had severely dropped.

    If a Florida player can play in Orlando or Birmingham, even for less money, why would they even consider going to Regina? Do they even know where Regina is?

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