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52 Chidi Okeke

usaUnited States
Offensive tackle
Tennessee State
Current Team

Winnipeg Blue Bombers Chidi Okeke

Chidi Okeke is a dedicated offensive lineman who played collegiate football at Tennessee State University. During his time with the Tigers, Okeke solidified his role on the line and showcased his athletic prowess, but individual stats for offensive linemen are not typically recorded in college football nor are there standard awards for their roles. However, his performance at Tennessee State allowed him to earn an opportunity in professional football. Transitioning to the XFL in 2023, Okeke has worked diligently to contribute to the league, demonstrating his skills in pass protection and run blocking to the benefit of his team’s offensive unit. Fans admire Okeke for his journey from Nigeria to American football and his continuous effort to excel at each level of the sport, embodying the determination and resilience that the XFL celebrates in its athletes.

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