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Editorial Policies


CFL News Hub is a property of CM3 Solutions Inc., a Maryland-based corporation founded in 2005. More details can be found on our website:

CFL News Hub majorly derives its revenue from programmatic advertising, largely via respected platforms such as Ezoic and Google. This setup allows our editorial team to remain unswayed by direct sales dealings with brands or advertisers. Our editorial team is not engaged in the operations of our programmatic advertising, thereby ensuring its independence from major revenue-generating activities. While our editorial team does not involve itself in ad experience, the operations team is committed to upholding high standards of quality.

Whenever our sales team secures an advertising campaign, affiliate link, or sponsorship, the associated posts are explicitly marked with a disclosure statement.

Our editorial team has forged relationships with major leagues, networks, streaming platforms, and other partners which occasionally result in exclusive content and interviews. However, our commitment to ethics ensures our objectivity and limits any undue influence.


Our mission is to engage, inform, and entertain our readership by providing content that is not only necessary but also enjoyable and occasionally surprising. We consistently strive to offer a comprehensive reading experience that includes daily news and occasional respite from it.


Our commitment to accuracy propels us to ensure that our published content is accurate and up-to-date. Any detected error is promptly corrected and updated.

As part of our regular operations, we revisit older articles to verify their current relevance and accuracy.

In our pursuit of accuracy, we diligently trace information back to its original sources and provide links to those primary (and secondary, if required) sources for total transparency. We avoid making unsupported assertions.

When quoting individuals in our articles, we ensure that their words are accurately and fairly represented.


Our ethical responsibility extends beyond accurate and factual reporting; we consider the broader world context. Our editorial team is committed to fairness and contextualization in our stories. We do not limit ourselves to reporting events; we also strive to provide a comprehensive view and consider how different perspectives might interpret the story.

We make every effort to evade conflicts of interest in our reporting. When we have access to exclusive interviews, free products, or other privileges, we disclose this information in the relevant articles.

Content types such as reviews or other opinion pieces are clearly labeled. Disclosures are prominently placed to inform readers when articles contain affiliate links or sponsorships.

Our coverage is focused on public figures and events. We respect the privacy of individuals who are not in the public eye.

Diversity is a priority for us. We seek a diverse editorial team to offer a variety of viewpoints on the subjects we cover. We have established guidelines and provide training on diversity, equity, and inclusion to ensure a welcoming environment for all readers.


In the event of an error or omission, we are committed to making corrections promptly to maintain accuracy and prevent misinformation. When significant corrections are made, we add a dated explanatory note and update the timestamp to ensure our audience is aware of the changes.

We encourage readers to submit corrections at (888) 430-7692‬ or

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