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42 Chris Cooper

usaUnited States
Stony Brook
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BC Lions Chris Cooper

Chris Cooper is a formidable presence in the XFL, known for his robust collegiate career at Stony Brook University. As a Sea Wolf, Cooper impressed with his athletic prowess, contributing significantly to the team’s defense, which is reflected in his college stats. Throughout his tenure with Stony Brook, he was recognized for his standout performances on the field, earning accolades and awards that highlighted his abilities as a key player. Transitioning to the professional grounds of the XFL in 2023, Cooper brought his formidable skills to the forefront, his season stats a testament to his enduring talent and hard work ethic. Fans of the XFL appreciate Cooper not only for his collegiate achievements but also for his on-field versatility and impact in the league, marking him as a player to watch during the season.

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