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63 Maea Teuhema

usaUnited States
Offensive tackle
Southeastern Louisiana
Current Team

BC Lions Maea Teuhema

Maea Teuhema is a formidable athlete who established his collegiate football prowess at both the Louisiana State University (LSU) and Southeastern Louisiana University. At LSU, Teuhema played as an offensive lineman and was awarded the 2015 Freshman All-SEC by the coaches for his outstanding performance. Following his transfer to Southeastern Louisiana, his skills on the field continued to shine, paving his way into professional football. Transitioning to the XFL in 2023, Teuhema brought his robust collegiate experience to the league, contributing significantly to his team’s offensive line with his notable strength and agility. Off the field, Teuhema’s dedication and work ethic, stemming from his college days, make him an athlete XFL fans are keen to follow.

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