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BC Lions Headed Into Division Final Vs. Winnipeg Blue Bombers—A West Division Final For The Ages, Some Would Say

Certainly BC Lions fans would definitely say that, as would this writer. After all, let’s hear it for a team that has battled a total of 6 losses this year, sporadically placed throughout the season, a loss of their star and record-breaking QB, Nathan Rourke, and at a very integral part of the season; a very shaky period of time in which a few replacements did their very best to fill in Rourke’s cleats, but staggered—no shame—and a recent devastating loss to the Bombers just a few weeks ago.

So yeah, it’s been tough.

Some, however, would say that the outcome of the scheduled division final between the Bombers and BC is written in the stars already, many already counting their chickens, but I’d argue the point that when it comes to the Lions, perhaps it’s always better to wait and see how they show up…ready to lounge by the drinking source or hunt, hunt, hunt…. They are Lions after all.

Need I remind one and all that the Lions did beat the Bombers two weeks before the aforementioned loss, and although the Bombers played their non-starters in that game for the most part, it was a huge boost and one that the team can totally use as an advantage going in. State of mind and reasoning has a lot to do with winning in sports.

Just ask Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was famous for being able to get into the mind of competitors in his bodybuilding days…getting them to doubt themselves, and all with his words, by psyching them out, let alone the hours he spent on sculpting his body in that gym in Venice Beach for at the time, record-breaking wins of his own in his sport of pro bodybuilding.

And if you don’t believe in that, much respect to you; to each his/her own, as the saying goes, let’s look instead at the track record…and we don’t have to look far…just to last week’s game…in which the Lions decimated a very strong Calgary Stampeders team.

Heading into that game, the Stampeders were considered the favorites. To say that the team had an impeccable last portion of the season would be putting it mildly for sure. But the Stampeders lost, and to a very seemingly motivated bunch of Lions, as it were.

The game finished 30 to 16. As it turns out, and as of this writing, Bo Levi Mitchell, longtime QB for Calgary, has stated that he’s leaving the team. Taking his place is none other than Jake Maier, who has seen a lot of play so far this year, Mitchell having taken a back seat to the younger QB. Maier had this to say on the team’s loss to the Lions:

“First of all I want to give credit to B.C., they played a hell of a game…To be honest, I feel terrible for the guys in that locker-room, I really do…

We had a great week of preparation, we were peaking at the right time, everybody was bought-in, we had great leadership in there and guys gave it everything we had, we just didn’t execute, I didn’t execute it…It hurts really bad but I can assure you this, I’ll be back from this.”

via Calgary Sun
via CFL /YouTube

As for the Lions, Rourke had this to say after the game:

“It wasn’t a pretty win in a lot of aspects, but I think that as a team, it was a complete win…That’s a very good team, and all credit to the Calgary Stampeders, and I’m really happy and proud of [our] team for pulling it off today on a day where I didn’t feel like I played my best.”

via Daily Hive

The team had just about 40,000 fans in attendance, and even that was record breaker, that number, and perhaps the roar of the crowd also did its part to help the team along.

via BC Lions /Twitter

At the end of the day, the Bombers’ defense is indeed something to write home about, and they aren’t too shabby in the offensive either, if you catch my drift. They didn’t end up in the position they’re in this season by being at all shoddy.

But we can’t count out that offensive line in BC. According to, the Lions have “…provided one of the most electrifying offensive units of the 2022 regular season.”

Is it anyone’s game? I’d say that yes, in the end, it most certainly is. So yeah…in the end, definitely a game for the ages…and one that CFL and football fans everywhere aren’t likely to forget. Game goes down Sunday November 13th at 4:30 PM.

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