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Bombers Continue to win on Sure Path to West Division Final despite Shaky Victory over Alouettes

Judging by the last game, it would seem like there’s yet another team in the CFL right now that has quite the defense, as the Alouettes certainly held on for as long as they possibly could, even turning the game around at one point, Montréal, seeming to give the Bombers the hardest fight they’ve had to date.

The last team to do that was the Toronto Argonauts on August 21st, when they defeated the Bombers 30 to 23. And no, Montréal didn’t at all win their last game against the Bombers on the 6th, but they held their own, making quite the impression on one and all. Bombers QB, Zach Collaros said:

“We’ve had some close games, but I’m really not worried about our group…There’s a lot of vets on this team and we’ve all been in a lot of close games, battles, together or elsewhere. We understand what it takes and we’re just happy we came away with a victory, and we’re gonna enjoy it…

It was definitely great for us to face some adversity there…I thought Montréal played a really, really good game in all three phases…I thought we did what we needed to do down the stretch. Everybody kinda got that look in their eye in the third and fourth quarter and knew they needed to execute at a high level to win.”

via Winnipeg Sun /TSN
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By game’s end, of course, the Bombers would clinch the win, quite obviously by now, which is to be understood, as they’re undoubtedly the CFL’s top team this season and defending Grey Cup Champions (2019). Despite this, they definitely felt a little bit of a push of opposition from another CFL team, despite nine straight wins in a row. Trevor Harris stated:

“I think our offensive line battled and I thought they played hard…I just missed a layup on third and three. I can’t do that. That one’s going to stick with me for the remainder of the week.”

via TSN

Going into the 4th quarter, the two teams were tied 21 to 21, and perhaps, defensive lineman Jake Thomas put it best:

“I think adversity’s always good…I think we’ve got to realize that it’s not always going to be sugar cookies and rainbows. We’re not always going to be up 45-0…I think today we were in a hard-nose football game and it’s fun to be in those games. It’s fun to be in the fourth quarter trying to shut them down when it really matters. They’re a good team and I’m sure it’s going to be another close one next week.”

via TSN

They are set to face Montréal once again this upcoming Saturday November 13th, and I’m more than sure that they’re going into this one with a level head.

They’ve been very vocal about keeping a level head, as we’ve reported here, despite their multiple straight victories, but one can’t help but wonder if they didn’t underestimate the Alouettes going into the game on the 6th … something they cannot do going into the rematch on the 13th.

Of course, it doesn’t really mean anything as of right now—a loss that is—other than perhaps losing face or at least losing the foothold on quite the record they have going. No team worth its salt wants to lose; even if it doesn’t matter if they do or don’t win, that is.

Besides, it’s not of Bombers ilk to think that way…to simply coast to that West Division final, so no one should suspect that they would—I sure don’t. I simply suggest that maybe—just maybe— they underestimated the Alouettes this time out…then again, maybe not.

The Alouettes deserve their credit too. They have not at all had the best season, and at 6-6 that’s quite obvious, but what a game they pulled out this time around.

Sergio Castillo has turned the worrisome placekicking game for the Bombers and very much in the right direction, despite a miss…a 38-yard field-goal attempt during the 2nd quarter.

What of the aforementioned West Division final? Just who will be on the other side of IG Field on the 5th of December? Only time will tell, dear readers, so stay tuned.

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