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Bombers in the Playoffs—the Team Looks Forward, the Grey Cup in their Sights

The Blue Bombers defeated the Edmonton Elks once again and although this game wasn’t as decimating for Edmonton as the previous game, the message was still delivered loud and clear to anyone paying attention: The Winnipeg Blue Bombers showed up to win, and the coveted Grey Cup (they were the last CFL team to have it in their mitts and are defending champs), is undoubtedly in their sights.

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That isn’t to say that the team hasn’t had its problems this season, as they most certainly have. We’ve extensively reported on their placekicking issues; Ali Mourtada has been struggling hard to keep up with expectations set upon him.

We’ve also covered their especially sturdy “solid brick wall of Gibraltar defense,” and the headway they’ve made, essentially being the steel-plated skeleton of the team. And as we’ve quoted before, they’re proving the old Dennis Rodman line from one of his films, Double Team: “Offense gets the glory, but the defense wins the game.”

No truer words can be said for any other team right now perhaps, as these men have stepped up big….and as big as they undoubtedly are…their large shadows towering, sending that mighty shade over that field like no other defensive line. But will it be enough to secure the win for the Grey Cup?

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Their win lands them a spot in the playoffs! They have become the first CFL team to do so as of right now. But are they satisfied? No. Just like they haven’t settled for any of their victories, the team keeps striving for better. Receiver, Rasheed Bailey’s comments prove just that. They keep looking forward, wanting only to improve. Perhaps this and this alone proves just why they’re on top right now. He said:

“…You think back to 2019 and that feeling of just going to the playoffs and now to clinch it at this point in the season, it feels good…But we are not satisfied…We are going to keep getting better and learn from our mistakes and keep winning…”

via Winnipeg Sun

And what of Mourtada, who’s been struggling, as I mentioned above? He’s been patiently waiting, taking instruction from head coach, Mike O’Shea. And ladies and gentlemen, that patience has finally paid off, his jitters and shaky struggle to make some headway seemingly behind him. With fifty seconds remaining in the game against the Elks, Mourtada scored a 23-yard field goal.

QB Zach Collaros did exceptionally well too; he threw two touchdown passes during the game. O’Shea couldn’t sing the QB’s praises enough, reports He said:

“…You’ve got to love Zach…Grymes drops that ball and he comes right back and gets Bailey…He is just unfazed and stands in there and delivers. It’s fantastic…”


Collaros too had a lot to say, he stated of the game, particularly one of his teammates:

“…I’m really happy we sealed the deal there at the end with him, catching a seam ball, something we talked about during the week against that certain coverage…Rasheed wants to be a great player. He busts his ass all the time. He’s a physical kid, a talented kid and brings an energy to our offence. He’s going to continue to get better as he learns the CFL game. He’s still pretty young in his CFL career…”

via Winnipeg Sun

Kenny Lawler returned to action after his very public suspension due to his unfortunate DUI, but was lagging. Yet where he was lagging, teammate, Rasheed Bailey picked up the momentum with the energy he brings to the game, as Collaros mentioned. Of the win, Bailey said:

“…We just needed to make one play on offence to open it up, and the one play happened…And we finished it off in the end zone. They were in man coverage, kind of ran into each other. All credit to my quarterback. He’s always finding a way…”

via Winnipeg Sun

“Always finding a way” indeed…all the way to the Grey Cup perhaps. That certainly remains to be seen, but this has been an impressive run for the defending Grey Cup Champions and one heck of an entertaining season. First, they have the mighty BC Lions to contend with. That game is set to go down on Saturday October 23rd at 7 PM EST.

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