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Bombers Mid-Week Check In: Week 5

With the Bombers set to host the Calgary Stampeders on Friday night at IG Field lets take a quick tour around Bomber land.

The Bombers are nearing their game on Friday night and have the least number of their players on the injury list so far this season.

With another practice yet to be had this week the Bombers are looking in great shape! However that did not stop the Bombers from making some moves this week.

Adding in defensive back Kerfalla Exume to the active roster and line backer Jared Beeksma to the practice roster the Bombers are never satisfied and always looking to improve. They also released offensive lineman Jakub Szott from the practice roster.

Well I do not know why Montreal released Kerfalla Exume, the Bombers were quick to pick him up! Kerfalla Exume was selected by the Bombers in the 2019 draft and was not a high pick being chosen in the eight round. Yet he impressed the Bombers in his 2019 season recording a rookie league high of 25 special teams tackles and helped Winnipeg win the Grey Cup that year.

I think this is a good move for the Bombers as the league is seeing more returners able to break tackles, run past players and take the ball to the house for a touchdown. Kick returns for touchdowns are momentum and sometimes game changers – and whatever the Bombers can do to improve their kick coverage can only help!

Staying with the theme of never satisfied the Bombers did not celebrate their 17-3 win last week all that long.

“I think we did a tremendous job just taking it one day at a time, reading our keys and shooting our targets. We’ve got a lot of plays still to correct.”

Brandon Alexander via “Upon Further Review” by Ed Tait.

One of those things to correct is the kicking game. At the end of the the second quarter Winnipeg used a time out before they were set to kick the field goal. it looked like they called the time out because the clock had almost expired, but it also looked like if they had not called a time out that the play would have got off on time.

Regardless, after the time out, Winnipeg set up again for a field goal, the snap was high, and their punter/holder had to improvise/scramble and ultimately threw the ball incomplete. That play was bound to really bother the Bombers’ Head Coach Mike O’Shea. Yet in his post game interview he was never asked about it. What he did say about his players is that “They never focus on the negative and that is really cool to watch.”

With that we will wait patiently to see what the Bombers’ injury report looks like after their next practice and excitedly wait until Friday night when the 3-1 Winnipeg Blue Bombers host the 1-2 Calgary Stampeders.

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