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Bombers QB, Zach Collaros, Making Quite the Impression as Season Progresses

Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs, states that he can see the QB playing in the NFL. Bold statements, yeah, but they’re backed up in force by how Collaros has been doing this year; the Bombers heading up their division and the wins as of late have been pretty dominant.

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers defense has been a mainstay for these wins, as we’ve reported, but Collaros deserves his due as well.

As has been reported by, Travis Kelce, of the Kansas City Chiefs, where he plays the Tight End position and has quite a wee bit of notoriety in the National Football League—essentially he’s kind of a big thing over there.

And he has heaped quite the amount of respect on the name of Zach Collaros, as it would seem. In an interview with the Sun, he stated:

“…He’s an unbelievable player and I’ve just been excited for his success…I think he could play in the NFL if he really wanted to give it a run but he seems to be happy up there in the Canadian league. It’s awesome to see him have success and be a Grey Cup champion and be on the top of the mountain up there in Canada…”

via Winnipeg Sun
via Arash Madani Twitter Kelce CenterLeftCollaros Far Right

They have a history, though. Collaros and Kelce worked together on the gridiron back at the University of Cincinnati. They were also roommates, so Kelce knew of his friend’s abilities from an early stage in his career, quite obviously. Of these experiences, Kelce said:

“…One of the first times he got into a game in Cincinnati, we were playing South Florida on a Thursday or Friday night, and his first two plays didn’t go as planned but on third and long he took off for about a 78-yard touchdown…Boom, the entire world knew who Zach Collaros was and his highlights were all over ESPN… That year, what he did to the Big East, and what he did for our team … he willed us to win for a lot of games and everybody rallied behind him because of what a good competitor he is and just who he is as a person…The entire team loved him, man…”

via Winnipeg Sun

Kelce has been with the Kansas City Chiefs since 2013 and in 2020, they won the Super Bowl to become NFL Champions, defeating the San Francisco 49ers. His career stats are impressive: 625 receptions,  51 receiving touchdowns, and  8,066 receiving yards.

Collaros is of course no strange to the NFL, as he had a brief, although significant sting with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2012. He has since made his way through many CFL teams since leaving the NFL, including the Argonauts (2012-2013), the Tiger-Cats (2014-2017), the Roughriders (2018-2019), another brief stint with Toronto, and finally landed with the Blue Bombers in 2019, where he won the Grey Cup, specifically the 107th as starting QB.

Broken Play /YouTube

His stats are impressive as well… 1,383 completions out of 2,104 passing attempts.

via Wikipedia

“…We chat a lot…That was my college roommate for a good three years…Heck, I try to get up there to every game I can…”

via Winnipeg Sun

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Collaros is essentially a treasured member of the Bombers, but who’s to say he can’t end up in the NFL again one day—perhaps even be reunited with his old friend, college buddy and roommate?

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