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Bombers RB, Andrew Harris, Stands by Reasons for Brawl at Banjo Bowl

It was at the Banjo Bowl against the Roughriders that very late in the first half, a brawl broke out and in comments made to the press, RB Andrew Harris said of the melee, that it was the perfect way to show just how much he and his teammates have each other’s backs, as was reported by Global News. And it would seem that through thick and thin, that is exactly the case, as the altercation undoubtedly showed in that first half of play.

They beat the Roughriders 33 to 9 in the Banjo Bowl played on September 11th.

via CFL /YouTube

Roughriders, Garrett Marino and A.J. Hendy were taken out of the game due to rough play.

And although head coach of the Bombers, Mike O’Shea, wasn’t all that happy about what went down, the team still stands by their actions as quotes made by Harris undoubtedly prove, but of the melee, O’Shea said:

“It’s really hard to tell exactly what started it…The little off-shoot piles, you can see how those go. But the initial flareup, who knows? I do recognize players want to make sure their teammates are safe. At certain times you can just grab your own teammate and usher him away. When you grab the opposition it’s just asking for another flareup… I try and get my guys to grab their own guy and take him with them, but it doesn’t always work.”

via Mike O’Shea /Winnipeg Sun

While making comments to the press, Harris stated of the roughhousing and possible repercussions:

“Just kinda giving our stance on the whole situation…There’s a few guys involved in that, so yeah, I’m sure we’ll hear in the next little while here what’s gonna happen from it…But the league is going to handle it how they want to handle it.”

via Harris /Global

Speaking of his duty as a member of the team, he said:

“Any teammate…but Demski’s a pretty close buddy of mine off the field as well. And I saw him getting tossed, so I was gonna go and defend my teammates. Obviously, maybe took it a little far, but it is what it is. Things flare up and tensions rise…My Twitter feed was pretty backlogged there with a lot of funny, interesting comments, but that’s just how it is.”

via Harris /Global

The Blue Bombers are set to face the Elks on Saturday the 18th of September at 9:45 PM EST, and will be possibly starting a new kicker in Ali Mourtada, as we previously reported, but Marc Liegghio is also thought to be given another go despite the convert attempt misses at the Banjo Bowl.

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As has been reported by Global news, Mourtada actually practiced with the team after his necessary quarantine was over and done with. He has had a wee bit of an intermittent career with a lot of starts and stops, but hopes to make an impression with the Bombers, so his nomadic sort of lifestyle can be over and done with for once and for all.

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