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Canadian Superfan Bobby Dubeau Breaks Record for Visiting All CFL Stadiums in Quickest Time

Canadian Football League enthusiast, Bobby Dubeau, stands apart from the crowd, transforming from a long-time fan into a Guinness World Record holder. The 37-year-old North Delta native is set to make history for attending a game in all nine CFL stadiums in the shortest time span.

It all began on June 24, when Dubeau marked the beginning of his record attempt at Calgary’s McMahon Stadium. The journey took him across the country, from Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton to TD Place in Ottawa, Percival Molson Stadium in Montreal, BMO Field in Toronto, Mosaic Stadium in Regina, IG Field in Winnipeg, Tim Hortons Field in Hamilton, and finally ended with BC Place on July 9. All this was accomplished in just 15 days, making it the fastest feat of this kind.

The seed of this idea was planted last fall, when Dubeau’s flight from Montreal to Nova Scotia was cancelled due to Hurricane Fiona. He found himself attending Alouettes games and realized he could take on the challenge of visiting all CFL venues over three consecutive weekends. After meticulous planning and careful observation of the 2023 CFL schedule, his aspiration turned into reality.

But this remarkable journey was not just about setting the record; it was about experiencing the best of Canada and its beloved sport. Dubeau connected with fans nationwide, enjoying the unique atmosphere at each venue. He rated the Saskatchewan Roughriders‘ home ground as the best gameday experience, attributing its organic feel and passionate fans as the key attributes.

The record attempt has been an overwhelming experience for Dubeau, who initially kept his quest a secret. However, as word got out, he found himself embraced by the CFL community and the media. He became an emblem of every fan’s dream, garnering attention from various teams, sports journalists and even spectators in airports.

Beyond the fame and free merchandise, what Dubeau cherishes most are the priceless interactions with all-star CFL athletes. The warmth and support of the CFL community have made his journey an unforgettable one.

Yet, the challenge was not without its hurdles. Weather interruptions posed a major concern, with heavy rain, thunderstorms and even smoke threatening the smooth run of games. The worst of it was experienced in Montreal, where he endured a lengthy delay under less-than-ideal stands, waiting anxiously for the game to start.

Now, the big task at hand is getting Guinness to officially certify the record. Dubeau is required to submit various pieces of evidence, including video footage and witness statements, which may take up to 12 weeks for verification.

When asked about the possibility of a repeat attempt, Dubeau’s answer was clear, “No. Not this quick.” He’d be happy to revisit each stadium, but at a more leisurely pace. In the meantime, the Canadian superfan is taking his newfound fame in stride, proving to be a humble record-breaker.

In the heart of every Canadian football fan, Dubeau’s journey is already a legendary achievement. His determination, passion, and love for the game have made him a true CFL hero, marking a unique chapter in Canadian sports history. Whether or not Guinness confirms the record, Dubeau has already secured a special place in the annals of the CFL.

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