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CFL Week 1 Preview: Tiger-Cats @ Blue Bombers

Blue Bombers (0-0) vs. Tiger-Cats (0-0)

Thursday, August 05, 2021, 08:30 pm EST @IG Field


WINNIPEG – The Investors Group Field is about to go down with the recent champions, Blue Bombers, taking on their rivals, Hamilton Tiger-Cats, in what is more like a rematch of the Grey Cup. We should note that the Bombers triumphed over the Tiger-Cats 33-12 in their last meeting – a feat which secured Winnipeg’s title win since 1990. Currently, the Ticats are keen on breaking through the strongholds of the defending champions.

However, the Bombers will be playing tonight’s game without some players; Andrew Harris is one. Andrew Harris is the first player to be called the league’s best Canadian player. He performed very brilliantly as the Bombers rose to win their first championship cup, in more than three decades, after covering 134 yards and registering two TDs to his name. While the Bombers will be playing without Harris, the Tiger-Cats will also be playing without the prolific defensive back, Tunde Adeleke, who fell victim to a disappointing injury in the hamstring.

Despite all odds, it is worth it to congratulate both teams that their quarterbacks will be starting in the long-awaited match. For the Blue Bombers, Zach Collaros, who had a 4-0 dash against the Bombers went on to lift the Grey Cup, will be appearing in complete form on Thursday.

On the side of the Ticats, Masoli Jeremiah will return to his spot in the center of his team’s lineup after overcoming an injury towards the end of the season in 2019 against the Bombers. He will be supported from behind by Dave Evans, who led the Ticats to the finals after a whole season of outstanding performances.

On Thursday, the Blue Bombers will unveil their Grey Cup banner right before kickoff – a feat gestured towards making many Ticats recollect the pains of that loss. It is expected that the unveiling of the Grey Cup banner will act as a force that will drive the Ticats to make sure that the Bombers’ celebration does not tarry.


Brandon Banks (WR) VS Zach Collaros (QB)

Banks, the 2019 CFL’s best player, will be playing against Winnipeg on Thursday. Brandon Banks made a name for himself after being the highest on the league stats with a record of 112 successful catches for a total of 1,550 yards and 13 TDs.

Zach Collaros, on the other hand, also made a name for himself after leading the champions to victory, their first-ever since 1990. The talented player performed extraordinarily well in Winnipeg’s final matches – attaining a 4-0 record which was eventually topped by the Grey Cup victory over the Hamilton.

The duos are a force that every spectator on Thursday will love to see in full form – both having set mind-blowing records for themselves and their clubs.

Many football experts and fans are expecting a comeback from the Ticats. However, it would be fun to see the defending champions proved to be what they are once again on their own home soil. Won’t it?

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