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Congratulations On A 10 year CFL Career Jon Gott!

Jon Gott is one of those glue guys that coaches always talk about. They type of guy who has many fans amongst his teammates, and most of all many supporters across Canada for many reasons. Gott is one of those players, that even without meeting him, you feel like you could go up and have a conversation with him. After 10 years with the CFL, the 36 year old Canadian National, is retiring as a two time CFL all star, and a winner of the Leo Dandurand Trophy in 2016.

Jon Gott during his time with Calgary Stampeders

Following 5 years in Calgary the team that drafted him in the 5th round way back in 2009, Jon Gott found himself joining the Ottawa Redblacks, and his career quickly changed. During his 5 years with Calgary Gott played in just 62 of a possible 90 games. During his 5 years in Ottawa, he played in 83 of 90 games missing just 7 games total during that stretch.

Ottawa fans will tell you they were blessed with Gott on their roster during two of his best seasons in the CFL in 2015-2016. He would be named CFL All Star, as well as CFL East All Star in 2015. Following up with an even more impressive performance in 2016 when he was named the recipient of the Leo Dandurand Trophy, won the Grey Cup, and was again named a CFL and CFL East All Star. After beginning his career in Ottawa with 3 straight seasons in which he appeared in all 18 games. In 2017 and 2018 Gott missed some time with injuries.

Jon Gott stats

Missing 4 games in 2017, and 3 games in 2018, I believe the injuries simply added up for the former all-star offensive lineman, and made it so at 33 years old many teams passed him over for an opportunity over the next couple of seasons. This amounted to the forced retirement of Gott even if it wasn’t official. However as of February 2nd 2022, Jon Gott has decided to make it official and turn in the necessary paperwork to officially retire from the league as a member of the Ottawa Redblacks.

The man who endeared himself to Ottawa fans following a touchdown celebration that involved chugging a beer in the endzone in the final game of the 2018 season, has called it quits following 3 years out of the league. Meaning that his final appearance on a CFL field included this famous celebration that was widely promoted amongst the CFL related social media sites back in 2018.

Cheers to you Jon Gott, we are all wishing you enjoy many frothy beverages in your retirement.

Jon Gott chugs a beer following a td in 2018
Jon Gott Chugs a beer following a td in the final game of 2018

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