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Edmonton Elks Are Doing the Right Thing, Build Within

When the Edmonton Elks concluded their 2022 season, it was another season that was well beyond a sub-par season.

Even after 2022 concluded, there seemed to be no movement among the Edmonton brass.

But that began to change on January 11th, 2023. On that day, the Edmonton Elks would re-sign Defensive Lineman Jake Ceresna on a 2-year deal.

Two days later, Manny Arceneaux would follow suit with a 1-year deal.

And the day after that, on January 14th, 2023, Ante Lite would sign a 1-year deal to stay with the Green and Gold.

Sometimes it takes a little movement for the rest to follow. The Edmonton Elks must re-sign key pieces that showed promise from the last two seasons. As painful as it was to witness on game day, there were core pieces on the Edmonton Elks roster that showed a lot of promise to lay down the foundation. Especially in a rebuild. 


On January 17th, 2023, the Elks signed a pair of Nationals in both Wide Reciever Danny Vandervoort and Defensive Back Jaime Harry.

The obvious for the signings of both Danny Vandervoort, and Jaime Harry is to fill in the Canadain Ratio. However, both have taken meaningful snaps throughout their careers thus far. Everyone knows that in pro football, bodies go down every week. Having two positional players that have a few years under their belt will only be a positive outlook for the Edmonton Elk’s future.


On January 19th, 2023, American Defensive Back Ed Gainey was extended with the Elks. Definitely a depth player that will only boost the secondary that had had a lot of issues in the past two seasons in defending the long ball. At 32 years old, he can still make plays when needed. If Ed Gainey can restore some of that playmaking abilities as he did while in Saskatchewan, then Edmonton will only get better going into the 2023 season.


On January 26th, 2023, American Linebacker Nyles Morgan was extended with the Green and Gold.  

Unfortunately for Nyles Morgan, the injury bug would take its toll in 2023. He would play only 6 games for Edmonton.

However, the season before, he was a staple on defence and special teams for Edmonton. He would dress for 13 games in which he would contribute with 66 tackles, 1 sack, and an additional 6 when playing on special teams.


Although there was very little activity in signing core players when the season ended, it appears that Edmonton is being an aggressive pre-free agency in obtaining talent from within.

Edmonton fans will be proud one day that when the rebuild begins, they can look back on the talent pool that the organization has at the current moment to obtain growth and success for both the short and long term.

The best way to build your roster is always through the draft and development within. The add-on through a free agency should be about the missing pieces needed.

Moreover, the only good thing about being at rock bottom, is that there is only one direction to head now. And that direction is up for the Edmonton Elks in 2023.

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