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Game Ball & Jock: Bombers Dropped By Redblacks

Wow! What is the first word that comes to your mind when you hear the Bombers are 0-2 this season? If you are a Bomber fan it may resemble a Fix Auto commercial. If you are not a Bomber fan you are probably salivating seeing the mighty Bombers slipping.

Game Ball

I am going to keep this simple. Not stats, no highlighting players, because honestly it is hard to find a Bomber that deserves the Game Ball. Instead, I will look at the often criticized (even by myself CFL league).

By all accounts this game could have been cancelled in the 4th quarter. I was in Ottawa, not at the game mind you, and I saw the weather. I saw the lightning, and I looked at the radar. After a fiasco in Winnipeg, a game that I was at a number of years ago, that saw a super long weather delay, the league made a rule change. Quite simply the rule is this, after 1 hour of weather delay the game is cancelled.

This weather delay on Friday night came right down to the wire. There was only a little over 2 minutes left in the game. Nobody would have blamed the CFL for calling the game. But they brought both the teams back onto the field.

I think that was critically important at the Bombers were only down by 6 points. No, the Bombers did not come back to win; but for allowing the game to come to its natural conclusion, CFL you get the game ball.


Winnipeg only converted on about 1/3 of their second down tries. That is a terrible number!

I am just going to give the Jock to the whole Bombers offence…except for Wheatfall who caught 3 of 5 for 111 yards!

Whether it was terrible blocking up front, poor routes being run, or simply dropped balls, the Bombers offence was not good enough! 2 new starters on the offensive line does not help either.

Hear about Zach’s take on the offence right here.

In this collection of Bomber players getting the Jock, I am also adding in Chris Streveler. He simply was not good enough either.

Here is a look at the Bombers offensive performance, let me know if I am being over dramatic.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments section wherever you are reading this.

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