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Game Balls – Saskatchewan At Winnipeg

If you have read this segment in the past you know that it is usually called, “Game Balls & Jocks: Who Stood Out For All The Right/Wrong Reasons.” However, I am not sure that it is fair to hand out a jock for a pre-season game…so I will just hand out a game ball. Actually, I will hand out two game balls.

Game Balls

Tyrell Pigrome

  • Photo Credit: THE CANADIAN PRESS/John Woods

Newcomer to the CFL, and now Blue Bomber quarterback, Tyrell Pigrome gets my first game ball. Cracking the roster, it will be interesting to see if Pigrome or Brown plays as the number two quarterback. While Pigrome is listed at 5’9″ and 206lbs he sure plays a bigger game! There was a noticeable spark to the Bombers’ offence when Pigrome entered the game. He was on target with his throws and his running had to remind people of the beloved (once Winnipeg Blue Bomber quarterback) Chris Streveler.

While Streveler was listed at 6’1″ and 216lbs there is a distinct resemblance in his and Pigrome’s running style. They both run full out and initiate contact, rarely being brought down by the first defender. In fact in the pre-season (and yes many starters were resting) Pigrome had more rushing yards than the rest of the Bomber’s running backs combined.

Chandler Staton

  • Photo Credit: KEVIN KING /Winnipeg Sun

Another newcomer to the Bombers and another guy that cracked the roster is kicker Chandler Staton. He had such a good showing in training camp and the pre-season that the Bombers opted to release previous Bomber kicker Marc Liegghio. However, Staton is going to have to prove his worth the be endeared by the fans and stay with the organization. Bomber fans were spoiled in past years as they got used to “Money (Justin) Medlock” hitting over and over again on field goals. Realistic fans knew that they would be some drop-off after Medlock retired, but Liegghio proved to be too much of a drop-off.

In 2021, after having a decent season, the Bombers brought in Sergio Castillo to secure a Grey Cup run. During that season fans consistently called the CJOB post-game show asking the legendary Bob Irving if the Bombers had a back up plan. Even Bob did not see the coming signing of Castillo in late 2021.

In 2022 the Bombers hitched their wagon once again to Liegghio as Castillo went to Edmonton. After an atrocious 4-14 season with the Elks, the Bombers were trying to swing a deal to re-acquire Sergio Castillo. Those talks fell short, but when the Elks released Castillo the Bombers were hot on his trail! In fact the press release that the Bombers signed Castillo was sent out the same day the CFL announced that Castillo had been let go from the Elks.

It is quite certain that Castillo will be the starting kicker, but should the Bombers (out of necessity) need to play somebody else at that position, Staton will get the nod.

For playing well enough to give yourselves a shot, Prigrom and Staton, you get my game balls!

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