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Nathan Rourke Remains Committed to NFL, Delays Potential CFL Return

3 Key Points

  • Nathan Rourke expresses intent to continue NFL journey despite no game action in the season finale.
  • Reflects on CFL experience and opportunity to learn from Michael Reilly.
  • New England Patriots end season with Rourke as backup, holding the third pick in NFL Draft.

NFL Aspirations Hold Sway for Nathan Rourke

Nathan Rourke, the Canadian quarterback talent, indicated a clear preference for staying in the NFL during a media appearance. Speaking on the Donnie and Dhali Show, Rourke specified his ambitions to become an NFL starter, a dream that he feels is within reach. At just 25, the Victoria, B.C., native knows the journey demands patience—a trait he’s ready to embrace.

CFL Experience: A Launching Pad for Rourke

CFL fans might remember Rourke’s rapid ascent. Sharing his retrospective, Rourke noted his unique path, which involved learning from veteran CFL quarterback Michael Reilly. In contrast to others who traveled a longer road, Rourke’s experience in the CFL positioned him to take over following Reilly’s departure. However, he now looks to replicate such success in the NFL.

Rourke’s Commitment to the NFL

Rourke’s tenure with the New England Patriots saw him serving as the primary backup quarterback in the season’s final game, albeit without stepping onto the field. Despite this, he holds a firm belief in his skills to secure a starting role in the future. With the Patriots set to have an early selection in the upcoming NFL Draft, Rourke’s role for the next season could see significant changes.

Patriots’ Season and Rourke’s Outlook

The Patriots concluded their season with Rourke on the bench, signaling a team in the throes of transition. Today it was announced that Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots are parting ways. If Belichick lands with a new team, could he bring Rourke along?

Despite these hurdles, he holds onto the optimism of earning his place in the NFL, patiently awaiting the opportunity to showcase his capabilities.

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