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REDBLACKS QB Jeremiah Masoli Done For The Year As Suspected

Anytime you watch a professional football player crumple to the turf even though he wasn’t touched, the immediate thought is one of two season ending injuries: ACL, or Achilles. Unfortunately for Jeremiah Masoli, after a full year of rehab to return for the Redblacks after playing just 4 games in 2022, his 2023 season ended without even playing four quarters.

It has been announced that Jeremiah Masoli has ruptured his left Achilles tendon ending his 2023 season before it even really began. Another tough blow to a well-liked CFL quarterback. We wish Masoli the best of luck in his latest rehabilitation attempt. Masoli will be 35 years old in August. With that in mind the Redblacks who currently stand 1-3 cannot sit on their laurels, and they aren’t expected to. However having already turned their backs on Nick Arbuckle, and lost Tyrie Adams to injury, it appears as if Dustin Crum will get his chance to start against Winnipeg.

Crum could actually play his way into a future with Ottawa if he manages to play well. Given that Crum doesn’t even turn 25 until January, and he has already been with Ottawa for a full year, he is a valuable asset to have. Masoli is going to be 35 and coming off another major injury in his only two seasons with Ottawa. The Redblacks have to understand the end is coming quickly for Masoli, and need to start looking for their next quarterback, whether it is Crum, or another player they can count on for the rest of 2023, and beyond. Masoli may have one more year on his deal, but does his body have one more year in it?

Per Evan Willsmore Ottawa is expected to bring in former Sacramento State quarterback Jake Dunniway. Dunniway was with the Redblacks early in the offseason but did not make the week 1 roster or practice squad. With two quarterbacks headed to injured reserve in consecutive weeks Ottawa turns to a familiar face to round out their quarterback room fast.

I would not expect this to be the last move at the position for the Redblacks and General Manage Shawn Burke. This team has a lot of talent, and was built to compete in the 2023 season prior to multiple injuries at the helm of this offense. Something tells me a veteran quarterback will be brought in by seasons end.

Masoli’s contract was extended allowing for team control of his rights heading into the 2024 season. This does not prevent Masoli from opting to retire, and I would assume the Redblacks would welcome him back if healthy, even if they brought in another quarterback for him to compete with. At this rate Masoli has played in just 5 games for Ottawa, completing 89 of 135 passes 65.9% for 1,117 yards 2 touchdowns and 3 interceptions.

Masoli has not played in a full season since 2018, and during that season he only started 17 of 18 games. In fact dating back to his first year in the CFL, Masoli has never started all 18 games in a season, and at this rate he may never manage this feat. I said it a previous article, no one can blame Jeremiah Masoli if he decided this was the last straw for him and his CFL Career. Again I am hoping the best for Masoli, and I want to see him walk away from the game on his own terms, but sometimes it becomes about more than football. This is two substantial lower leg injuries at 35 years old, how much more can his body handle?

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