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PR: ESPN and ESPN+ Welcome Back CFL With Complete 68-Game Schedule

  • All Games in 2021 Will Be Available in the United States on ESPN2, ESPNEWS or ESPN+
  • Tomorrow’s Season-Opener Features Hamilton vs. Winnipeg in 2019 Grey Cup Rematch

ESPN networks and ESPN+ will document the return of the Canadian Football League (CFL), offering fans in the United States access to all 68 games in 2021, starting with tomorrow’s season-opener: a 2019 Grey Cup rematch between the champion Winnipeg Blue Bombers and the Hamilton Tiger-Cats at 8:30 p.m. ET on ESPN2.

As part of a multi-year agreement, ESPN2, ESPNEWS, and ESPN+ will combine to present every CFL game live, culminating with the Semi-Finals, Finals, and 108th Grey Cup on Dec. 12. The 2021 schedule features 14 games for each team, which includes Thursday night games in the summer, Friday night football each week, and Saturday night games throughout the season.

ESPN’s four decades-long relationship with the CFL originated in 1980 with a contest between the CFL’s Toronto Argonauts and Montreal Alouettes; it was the first live football telecast in ESPN’s history.

ESPN Networks and ESPN+ 2021 CFL Schedule:

DateTime (ET)MatchupNetwork
Thu, Aug 58:30 p.m.Hamilton Tiger-Cats vs. Winnipeg Blue BombersESPN2
Fri, Aug 69:30 p.m.BC Lions vs. Saskatchewan RoughridersESPN+
Sat, Aug 77 p.m.Toronto Argonauts vs. Calgary StampedersESPN+
10 p.m.Ottawa REDBLACKS vs. Edmonton ElksESPN2
Thu, Aug 129:30 p.m.BC Lions vs. Calgary StampedersESPN+
Fri, Aug 138:30 p.m.Toronto Argonauts vs. Winnipeg Blue BombersESPN+
Sat, Aug 147 p.m.Montreal Alouettes vs. Edmonton ElksESPN+
10 p.m.Hamilton Tiger-Cats vs. Saskatchewan RoughridersESPNEWS
Thu, Aug 1910 p.m.Edmonton Elks vs. BC LionsESPN2
Fri, Aug 209:30 p.m.Montreal Alouettes vs. Calgary StampedersESPN+
Sat, Aug 214 p.m.Winnipeg Blue Bombers vs. Toronto ArgonautsESPN2
7 p.m.Ottawa REDBLACKS vs. Saskatchewan RoughridersESPN+
Thu, Aug 267:30 p.m.Edmonton Elks vs. Toronto ArgonautsESPN+
Fri, Aug 277:30 p.m.Hamilton Tiger-Cats vs. Montreal AlouettesESPNEWS
Sat, Aug 287 p.m.BC Lions vs. Ottawa REDBLACKSESPN+
Sun, Aug 297 p.m.Calgary Stampeders vs. Winnipeg Blue BombersESPN2
Fri, Sept 37:30 p.m.Montreal Alouettes vs. Ottawa REDBLACKSESPN+
Sun, Sept 56 p.m.Winnipeg Blue Bombers vs. Saskatchewan RoughridersESPNEWS
Mon, Sept 61 p.m.Toronto Argonauts vs. Hamilton Tiger-CatsESPN+
4:30 p.m.Edmonton Elks vs. Calgary StampedersESPNEWS
Fri, Sept 107:30 p.m.Hamilton Tiger-Cats vs. Toronto ArgonautsESPN+
Sat, Sept 114 p.m.Saskatchewan Roughriders vs. Winnipeg Blue BombersESPN+
7 p.m.Calgary Stampeders vs. Edmonton ElksESPN+
10 p.m.Ottawa REDBLACKS vs. BC LionsESPN+
Fri, Sept 177 p.m.Calgary Stampeders vs. Hamilton Tiger-CatsESPN+
9:45 p.m.Toronto Argonauts vs. Saskatchewan RoughridersESPN+
Sat, Sept 187 p.m.BC Lions vs. Montreal AlouettesESPN+
9:45 p.m.Winnipeg Blue Bombers vs. Edmonton ElksESPN+
Wed, Sept 227:30 p.m.Hamilton Tiger-Cats vs. Ottawa REDBLACKSESPN+
Fri, Sept 247:30 p.m.Montreal Alouettes vs. Toronto ArgonautsESPN+
10:30 p.m.Saskatchewan Roughriders vs. BC LionsESPN2
Tue, Sept 287:30 p.m.Edmonton Elks vs. Ottawa REDBLACKSESPN+
Fri, Oct 110 p.m.Winnipeg Blue Bombers vs. BC LionsESPNEWS
Sat, Oct 24 p.m.Montreal Alouettes vs. Hamilton Tiger-CatsESPN+
7 p.m.Saskatchewan Roughriders vs. Calgary StampedersESPN+
Wed, Oct 67:30 p.m.Ottawa REDBLACKS vs. Toronto ArgonautsESPN+
Fri, Oct 88:30 p.m.Edmonton Elks vs. Winnipeg Blue BombersESPN+
Sat, Oct 97 p.m.Calgary Stampeders vs. Saskatchewan RoughridersESPN+
Mon, Oct 111 p.m.Ottawa REDBLACKS vs. Montreal AlouettesESPN+
4 p.m.Toronto Argonauts vs. Hamilton Tiger-CatsESPN+
Fri, Oct 159 p.m.Winnipeg Blue Bombers vs. Edmonton ElksESPN+
Sat, Oct 164 p.m.Montreal Alouettes vs. Ottawa REDBLACKSESPN+
7 p.m.Calgary Stampeders vs. BC LionsESPN+
Fri, Oct 227:30 p.m.Toronto Argonauts vs. Montreal AlouettesESPN+
Sat, Oct 234 p.m.Ottawa REDBLACKS vs. Hamilton Tiger-CatsESPN+
7 p.m.BC Lions vs. Winnipeg Blue BombersESPN+
9:45 p.m.Saskatchewan Roughriders vs. Calgary StampedersESPN+
Fri, Oct 297 p.m.Calgary Stampeders vs. Ottawa REDBLACKSESPN+
9:45 p.m.Hamilton Tiger-Cats vs. Edmonton ElksESPN+
Sat, Oct 304 p.m.BC Lions vs. Toronto ArgonautsESPN+
7 p.m.Saskatchewan Roughriders vs. Montreal AlouettesESPN+
Fri, Nov 57 p.m.BC Lions vs. Hamilton Tiger-CatsESPN+
9:45 p.m.Edmonton Elks vs. Saskatchewan RoughridersESPN+
Sat, Nov 64 p.m.Toronto Argonauts vs. Ottawa REDBLACKSESPN+
7 p.m.Montreal Alouettes vs. Winnipeg Blue BombersESPN+
Fri, Nov 127:30 p.m.Hamilton Tiger-Cats vs. Toronto ArgonautsESPNEWS
10:30 p.m.Calgary Stampeders vs. BC LionsESPN+
Sat, Nov 134 p.m.Winnipeg Blue Bombers vs. Montreal AlouettesESPN+
7 p.m.Saskatchewan Roughriders vs. Edmonton ElksESPN+
Fri, Nov 197:30 p.m.Ottawa REDBLACKS vs. Montreal AlouettesESPN+
10:30 p.m.Edmonton Elks vs. BC LionsESPN+
Sat, Nov 204 p.m.Saskatchewan Roughriders vs. Hamilton Tiger-CatsESPN+
7 p.m.Winnipeg Blue Bombers vs. Calgary StampedersESPN+
Sun, Nov 281 p.m.Eastern Semi-FinalESPN2
4:30 p.m.Western Semi-FinalESPNEWS
Sun, Dec 51 p.m.Eastern FinalESPNEWS
4:30 p.m.Western FinalESPNEWS
Sun, Dec 126 p.m.108th Grey CupESPN2

About ESPN+
ESPN+ is the industry-leading sports streaming service that offers fans in the U.S. thousands of live sports events, original programming not available on ESPN’s linear TV or digital networks and exclusive editorial content from dozens of ESPN writers and reporters. Launched in April 2018, ESPN+ has grown to more than 13.8 million subscribers.

Fans sign up to ESPN+ for just $5.99 a month (or $59.99 per year) at, or on the ESPN App (mobile and connected devices). It is also available as part of The Disney Bundle that gives subscribers access to Disney+, ESPN+ and Hulu for $13.99/month (Hulu w/ads) or $19.99/month (Hulu w/o ads).

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