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The Hallett Brothers Return To The Bombers!

On February 1, 2024 the Bombers announced the re-signing of the Hallett brothers (Nick and Noah).

But do not think that this signing is like the Sedin brothers in the NHL that played their who careers together. No, Nick signed a 2 year deal while Noah opted for a 1 year deal.

Another difference between the two of the Hallett brothers has been their ability to stay healthy.

Nick, has played for the Bombers for 4 years at the safety position and on special teams. In fact in 2023 he was the Bomber with the most amount of tackles on special teams (20 to be exact). Noah, on the other hand has been less available. In 2020 Noah only was available for 9 games and in 2022 suffered two injuries resulting in him only playing 2 games. Oh, and what about 2023? Yah, Noah missed the whole season. Not great for a defensive back.

The availability of both of them probably largely plays into the length of contract each of them received.

What is obvious, is that the Bombers are trying their beast to bring back as man players from last year. Also, the Bombers must believe that there is a nice upside to Noah (if he can remain healthy) as other clubs would most certainly have passed on a player with that limited availability. Like the TSN panel often says, ‘The best ability is availability’.

As for those wondering about players that we have not heard from, rumor has it that Oilveira may be looking at Saskatchewan as a possible team to join. Ouch! That stings on so many levels. If Oliveira goes to Saskatchewan I want to know if fans will still embrace him like they do for Lucky Whitehead…or if he will get the gears when he sits on the visitor’s bench?

One thing is for sure, the Bombers are moving forward with the players ready to sign deals!

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