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There Are No Free Spaces On The Schedule – Not Even Against Ottawa!

Winnipeg Blue Bomber fans might be licking their chops right about now as they realize Ottawa is the next team on the schedule!

Ottawa fans were excited to have their star quarterback start – Masoli – their game last week. After being out of action for 365 days and the Redblacks at 1-2 before the game, Redblack fans were hoping this was the turning point for their season. In fact this may have been the turning point for the Redblacks season…but not in the way that they wanted.

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Insert Dustin Crum

Dustin who? Dustin Crumb.

As my colleague reports,

“Finishing the first half was former fourth string quarterback Dustin Crum. Crum was the practice squad quarterback behind Caleb Evans, Nick Arbuckle, and Tyrie Adams during the 2022 season, signing late in the season after being let go by the Kansas City Chiefs. With the return of Masoli, the Redblacks let Caleb Evans leave via free agency, and Crum’s position on paper did not change.” – Source CFL News Hub

Coming in against Hamilton, Crum would go 14/21 for 149 yards, no touchdowns and 2 interceptions. He would also have 6 carries for 91 yards and 1 rushing touchdown in a 13-21 losing effort. So the Bombers will be Jim Barker’s lock of the week again, right?

Not So Fast

The Bombers better not look at this upcoming game against Ottawa as a gimme. Yes the Bombers are 4-1, and the Redblacks are 1-3 but in the CFL anything can happen! One question that will be answered later this week is if the Redblaks will go back to Arbuckle as their starting quarterback.

Arbuckle started the season for the Redblacks but after two subpar games, the Redblacks decided to roll with Tyrie Adams…and got the win vs. Edmonton! Adams would get injured in that game tearing his ACL and being out for the rest of the season.

I will not question Ottawa’s Head Coach Bob Dyce, but it does seem really strange that in Adams’ post game interview with TSN’s reporter he looked fine. What we do know is that, “Adams sustained the injury in the team’s victory over the Edmonton Elks Friday night. Ottawa did not reveal how Adams incurred the injury.” – Source TSN Would I be stirring the rumor mill if I wondered if it was on his back flip celebration that Adams got injured? I have always thought those types of celebrations are going to lead to an unnecessary injury.

In a not very surprising turn of events former Bombers’ quarter back Pigrome was picked up by Ottawa. While I predicted that Pigrome may end up with another team such as Edmonton or Hamilton, that was before Masoli got injured again. Yet we will have to see if Pigrome can find success with Ottawa as he showed flashes of talent in Winnipeg’s training camp but could not get the job done in the regular season.

The Redblacks would also re-sign quarterback Jake Dunniway who was part of their team in training camp. He did play in Ottawa’s final pre-season game getting a few snaps and going 4/5 for 28 yards. That does not sound like an immediate solution to me.

I have to wonder how high the Redblacks are on either of these quarterbacks because as of Tuesday July 11 at 11:50 CST their Facebook page made no mention of either signings.

But there are other ways to beat this Bombers team than just trough the air. Winnipeg has shown that they can be beat on the ground. While Ottawa has not rushed the ball consistently well, they may lean on D’Montre Tuggle and Jackson Bennet for more production.

The Bombers are also going to have to make sure that they protect their asset, in Zach Collaros. We have seen around the league and especially with Ottawa this year, as your star quarterback goes, so you go.

I can guarantee you that there is not a player in Ottawa who is hanging it up going into Week 6 of the season. While Ottawa is in it tough, this is a league where there are no free spots on the schedule…not even against Ottawa.

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