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Truth Bombs: Winnipeg Has Saskatchewan’s Number & The Number is Zero!

If you have ever read one of my Truth Bombs articles you know I come out swinging and say it how I see it. You can agree or disagree but I will not hold back. After reading this you will not have to ask, “Tell me how you really feel?”

Truth Bomb #1: I’m Just Going To Be Honest, Saskatchewan Is Not Very Good!

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers knocked off the Saskatchewan Roughriders on September 30th for the third time this season and in fact the third time that month! 

I am sure some people were surprised that Winnipeg beat Saskatchewan three times this year, but do not put me in that group! Earlier this year I said “Winnipeg Is The Class Of The League And Saskatchewan Is A Hot Mess!”

However when Craig Dickenson said early in the month, ‘I’m just going to be honest: we’re not very good,’ he could not have been more correct. With a 6-9 record and a 4 game losing streak, Saskatchewan really is not that good!”

Truth Bomb #2: Saskatchewan Simply Does Not Help Themselves!

Saskatchewan finally gets past Marino, then 3rd string quarterback Jake Dolegala gets suspended one game as he was charged with impaired driving, and finally Craig Dickenson had to apologize for his comments to his team. 

In my last Truth Bombs article Craig Dickenson got the jock. Why?

It is Simple. In the 4th quarter Saskatchewan is down 17-10, down but not out of it. They have a long drive and are pretty deep in Bomber territory. However on 3rd and manageable Craig Dickenson decides to try for a field goal. I get it, 3 points is 3 points, and they could make the score 17-13 for the Bombers. But come on, you are not going to beat the Bombers by kicking field goals in the 4th quarter!

In fact those would be the only points Saskatchewan would score in the 4th quarter.

At some point you have to play to beat the Bombers, and not play to try not to lose against the Bombers. When you play not to lose against the Bombers, you are all but guaranteed to lose against the Bombers. If Jason Mass were the head coach in that 4th quarter I am sure he would be tearing off and throwing down his headset.

Conversely, look at the two losses that the Bombers do have this year. Both those opponents came to play to win!

Truth Bomb #3: Winnipeg is Not Happy Beating Saskatchewan 3 Times In A Month!

The Bomber fans love their team beat Saskatchewan 3 times in the month of September.

The Bomber fans are very excited to see Schoen break the 1,000 yard receiving mark on the season. They are thrilled to see – who is most likely to be named the rookie of the year – on their team. They are excited to see Oliveira have another great run game of over 100 yards. But do not think for one second that when the 2022 season schedule came out the Bombers thought, “Man, if we could be Saskatchewan all 3 times in September that would be great!”

No. As much fun as the last month has been for Bomber fans it is all business for the Bombers. The Bombers are not a lousy team that takes too much solace out of beating their rivals. The Bombers are a top notch team that has their heights set on something far bigger, another Grey Cup victory. Which is why they are making and considering big moves!

What did I get right? What did you disagree with? Let me know in the comments.

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Written by a Bomber fan, for the Bomber fans.

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