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Week 3: BC At Winnipeg Game Ball & Jock

This could be the shortest article I ever write – all of the Bombers get the jock and the whole BC team gets a game ball; the end!

In reality that is what the Bombers deserve, but you the reader deserve a better effort from me that the Bombers gave you on Friday night.

Losing by a score of 30-6 at home, the Bombers got annihilated. Driving home from the game I was listening to the BONFIRE After Dark post game show – hosted by Darrin Bauming and Jach Schnitzer – and Zach used the exact words I was thinking at that time; the game was a “Massacre on Matheson” – the road where IG Filed is situated.

Call it a beat down, a stomping, a throttling, an overpowering, a crushing, or whatever words you use to describe a one sided fight, use it. It is absolutely appropriate to this setting.

Game Ball

Quite literally you could give a game ball to every BC player and staff. The offensive line gave Vernon Adams all day in the pocket. He had an eternity back there. The only other people to have an eternity on Friday night were the suffering fans in the stands, which is why many left early. BC’s defensive line had 7 sacks and 3 takeaways! Winnipeg did not score a point in the second half! That does not happen to the Bombers and it certainly does not happen to them at IG Field.

The Bombers also did not help their cause racking up over 50 yards of penalties on the first drive! As I said in last week’s Game Ball & Jock article you cannot give good teams that help. I would love to talk about the stats from the game, but the CFL website is experiencing issues – as they have been all season -and they are not up.

If I had to pick one player to give the game ball to I would pick Lucky Whitehead. Why? Well, in part because he used to play for the Bombers. He also happened to make some fantastic catches in the game and had to “climb the ladder” on one of them.

You watch the highlights and tell me who you think should have won the game ball.


The whole Bomber’s team will get the jock this week. In a beat down such as the one that occurred Friday night it does not happen because one or two players made a critical mistake at a critical time. A beat down like this one occurs when either one team is significantly far more dominant than the other or when one team stinks in all three phases and does not play anywhere near to their potential. I believe the latter is the case here. I sure would not have wanted to be in the Bomber’s film study meetings today – and I will touch on that latter in this week’s episode of Truth Bombs.

It was not that the Bombers lacked chances. Even early in the fourth quarter fans were saying, “If it is going to happen it needs to start now.” Unfortunately, every time the Bombers had an opportunity to start making a comeback they found a way to shoot themselves in the foot.

The Bomber’s offensive line looked like swiss cheese. The defensive line had problems getting to Vernon Adams. Winnipeg receivers dropped balls…even in the end zone. Special teams looked like “average teams.” Zach was running for his life and if the Bombers do not figure out how to protect him better than this last game it will not be a pretty season.

The BC Lions took to celebrating, much as you should when you embarrass the team that has been in the last three Grey Cups and won it all in 22021 and 2022.

However the BC Lions should be careful of how much salt they want to rub in the wounds of the Bombers. The last time BC came at Winnipeg like that calling Winnipeg’s offence “vanilla,” that ensuing game did not end so well for BC (Winnipeg beat them 43-22).

The Silver Lining

Hey Bomber fans, at least our kicker went 2/2, maybe he is the only player not to get the jock. Oof!

Do you like my picks? Who would have received your game ball & jock? Let me know in the comments where you see this article posted.

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Don Cruickshank Reporter
1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Christopher Jones

    June 25, 2023 at 6:54 pm

    Davis Sanchez once used the term Molly Whopping…. That was really fitting for that game… on Friday…. Google the meaning… How Chez got it on TSN I will never know but it was funny…

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