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Win Verses Lions Saturday Means More For Bombers—Winston Rose Signs With Bombers

Defensive back, Winston Rose has had quite the football career since his start in the NFL in 2016. It was a shaky start for the Californian native, as his first two signings didn’t last all that long…that being with the Los Angeles Rams (2016) and the Indianapolis Colts (2016).

It would be later that same year that he would end up in Toronto—an experience that was also short-lived, although it did bear some fruits, as he did pretty well with the CFL team. Thus began his CFL journey.

What followed were stints with the Ottawa Redblacks (2017) and the BC Lions (2018), his name and experience gaining momentum. But it wouldn’t be until the following year, when he signed with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers that his name would be drenched in glory. It was with the Bombers that he would cinch that coveted CFL All-Star nod, as well as taking home the Grey Cup with the rest of his teammates.

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He, like so many players, left the CFL, he leaving for the supposed greener pastures of Cincinnati. He’s been playing for the Bengals in the NFL ever since. Of course that was until this week, when the Bombers brought him back home.

Bombers may claim much more than a victory in Saturday’s game against the Lions

In the end, they may just dictate exactly how the finals in the West division will go. They are leading the West and so dominantly, as they have been the entire season, suffering a single loss, which was to the Toronto Argonauts on August 21st.

A win against the Lions will guarantee their spot in the final for the West Division, even being the host team for it, quite obviously, on December 5th.

According to, though, even a loss will get them in that top spot. All that needs to happen for that to occur is that Saskatchewan needs to lose to Calgary, and they’re still all set. But losing doesn’t seem to be in the cards for Winnipeg.

The Lions have lost their last three games and all that after some pretty dominant wins back to back, first a 45-13 win against the Redblacks, and then a 27-18 win against the Alouettes.  

Regardless, it’s football, dear readers, CFL football and I guess it’s safe to assume that anything can happen. The game is set for this Saturday at 7 PM EST.

*Bombers Injury Report as of October 19th, 2021

via CFLca
via CFLca

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