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Bombers at Redblacks: My Takes

As I sit in my hotel in Ottawa I am a bit remised that I will not be at the game! Yes, I am here, but here for work and have a work function the same time as the game.

Having said that, it is possible that I show up at the game a bit late – If any one has a ticket for me, let me know.

Enough about myself, on to the game!

The Bombers and their fans will be excited to see Bighill back in action!

However, Bomber fans will not that Lawler and Oliveira are not in the starting lineup. With Ottawa being traditionally tough place for the Bombers, the question will be how the Bombers do this Thursday?

The Bombers had a horrendous Week 1. Sure, Castillo will not have a chipped ball this week – a ball that caused him issues in Week 1. But Castillo himself did not cost the Bombers the game…they were all around bad!

If you are like myself, you are willing to give the Bombers a “pass” of Week 1. They did not play their starters in the pre-season. Sure, Week 1 counts in the stats, and if first or second place in the West comes down to 1 win, the Bombers’ staff will have a lot to answer for.

However, if the Bombers are going to lay an egg, and get a wake up message, I would prefer that to be in Week 1. The real test will be how the Bombers play on Thursday in Ottawa. Stink it up again, and there are some real questions. Win, and there will be a lot less questions. Win convincingly, and all questions will be earased.

This will be a good week to see if Augustine is a good back up to Oliveira. If I am the Bombers, I am looking long term and keeping Oliveira out of the game. While listed as, “Questionable,” there is no question in my mind that he should sit. If the Bombers cannot win with Augustine, the club is in trouble.

The Bombers will be facing a familiar quarterback as Dru Brown takes the start for Ottawa.

As much as Bomber fans do not want to see their former back up quarterback Dru Brown beat Winnipeg, they certainly do not want to see another “Crum-back” if Brown struggless!


I expect to see a spirited affair between the two clubs!

While Ottawa will be looking to start their season with a win, the Bombers will not only be looking for re-start, but a statement win!

I have the Bombers beating Ottawa, but it will take a disciplined game by them with all of their 3 phases playing high-level football.

Anything less, and the questions will continue to circulate about the 2024 Bombers team.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments section wherever you are reading this.

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Don Cruickshank Reporter
1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Penny Daigle

    June 13, 2024 at 3:50 pm

    Hoping Dru plays well, and just misses a win. Augustine is a capable back up. Very fast if he can break free. We’ll miss Lawler, but hopefully the others can step up.

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