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If You’re Placing A Wager On Your Favorite CFL Team Here Are Useful Some Tips!

CFL betting has a lot in common with regular football betting, but there are some key differences to remember when you’re placing bets on football games in Canada.  The game itself is quite different, having a unique play clock and distinctive rules concerning timeouts. There are also three downs per possession instead of four, and teams consist of 12 players – to name a few things that make CFL stand out from the NFL. If you want to up your CFL betting game and make better picks, we have some useful tips to share with you.

As you’ll see, this list of useful strategies goes beyond finding a Canadian sportsbook with free sports bets. Although, we’d advise you to look into something like that, because you certainly don’t want to miss a good deal. But don’t stop there; we’ve got more valuable advice. By following the guidelines below, you’ll have a solid chance of nailing your CFL bets and coming out on top! So let’s dive in and get you ready to score some winning bets on Canadian football.

#1. Study The Matchups

When it comes to handicapping any team sport, analyzing matchups between teams is where the magic happens. Take a good look at each team’s offensive and defensive strengths and how they’ve been performing lately. Since the CFL has only nine teams, the history of matchups between them holds significant clues. So, hold your horses before placing your bets, and take a moment to do some solid research first. Trust us, putting in the effort to carry out your homework will pay off big time and you’re definitely not going to regret going that extra mile.

#2. Don’t Underestimate The Impact Of Special Teams

In football, special teams always add that unexpected X-factor, but in the CFL, it’s a game-changer. Canadian football sees a whole lot more action in punt returns and kick returns compared with the NFL. With fewer downs, punting happens more often, and there’s no fair-catch rule. Instead, the kicking team must stay five yards away from the returner. So, when you’re sizing up teams, don’t forget to check how well they perform in their return games and kick coverage units. It can make a great difference in the game!

#3. Stay Alert For Injuries

Injuries can shake up CFL betting odds significantly due to the physical nature of the sport. Keep a close eye on injury news and updates. Key positions like QBs, running backs, and receivers can have a major impact on the lines throughout the week. And remember, bookies may be slower to adjust for CFL breaking news compared to more prominent leagues.

#4. Keep An Eye On The Weather

As the CFL season progresses, the weather becomes a key factor, especially with the colder climate and potential snowfall. Keep a lookout for how weather conditions may affect the game. Rain and snow can impact team performance, but it’s the wind that truly disrupts play, influencing passing and kicking. So, do factor the elements when making your bets. They may be more influential than you think!

#5. Root For The Underdog Early In The Season

When it comes to predicting team performance in the CFL, get ready for a real puzzle due to ever-changing rosters. So, when the season kicks off with so much uncertainty, betting on less-favored teams can be a golden ticket to lucrative wins.

#6. Go For The Unders Early On

Taking the Over on CFL games has been a bit risky over the years. In fact, there’s been just one CFL season since 2005 with more Overs than Unders. Keep this in mind and avoid betting Overs in the early part of the regular season; teams usually take some time to get back in sync and find their rhythm again. And don’t forget to keep an eye on CFL betting trends. The more knowledge you gather, the better equipped you’ll be to make informed decisions and improve your chances of successful betting.

#7. Record Splits To Spot Some Profitable Patterns

In the NFL, finding home/away and first-half/second-half splits is a breeze with all the online resources readily available at our fingertips. But for the fringe sport that is the CFL, you can’t expect those kinds of analytics to be conveniently available in a comprehensive database. However, this shouldn’t be a cause for concern. Since there are never more than four CFL games per week, you can track those splits yourself, recording home/away splits for teams and how they score and defend in different quarters and halves of games. This knowledge can help you identify some rewarding trends.

#8. Bet Smart – Get The Best Number

When it comes to CFL odds, shopping around at different sportsbooks is a must. CFL betting is particularly sensitive to early money and sharp bettors, which can cause lines to move rapidly. So, check out the odds early in the week when they’re released and get a sense of where the money is flowing. If you’re leaning towards the contrarian side, consider waiting as the line may improve as the kickoff approaches. On the other hand, if you’re riding the steam, place your bets early to snag the best odds.

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