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Online Casino Games CFL Fans Should Try

With the Canadian Football League season looking to start up again in the not-too-distant future, fans are likely excited to finally settle back in with their beloved pastime. However, when you spend so much time waiting for something, it can be easy to begin to place all of your eggs in one basket, perhaps developing expectations that can’t possibly be met. Of course, you might know what to expect out of any given season, but having a wide range of interests to explore alongside it can mean that you put less pressure on this single activity to entertain you entirely.

With that in mind, you might turn your attention to online casino games and what they can offer someone in your position.


When you support a team in any given support, the beginning of a game is much like playing roulette before the wheel is spun. You’re choosing a team to pin your hopes on and watching things play out in the hopes that they land where you want them to. Pick a color, and watch the wheel spin. In theory, it sounds simple and maybe like something that couldn’t hold your attention, but you might be surprised at how exciting this can be. Obviously, while the game itself is very simple, the bets behind the game is where the majority of the strategy lies, and immersing yourself in this aspect of it could reveal the skill curve behind it.

Slot Games

Regardless of your prior experience with casino games, you likely have some familiarity with the concept of slot games. The concept is simple, perhaps even more so than that of roulette, and despite the varieties of slot games available, the knowledge behind playing them should be mostly transferrable once you’re acquainted with one of them. There is an element of reflex to this game, and one that can involve you and give you a sense of personal involvement that you might not get from roulette, and this edge of your seat action might remind you of the very closest games you’ve seen from the CFL.

If you’re not sure where to get started, searching for a real money slots app could give you a wealth of options to choose from, letting you carve your own path forward with this new potential favorite.


This is a game that people will know far and wide, and it might even surprise you to see it restricted to an online casino. True, sometimes it will be available through its own dedicated platform, but having it available as a part of other games accessible through online casinos might simply make the package more enticing as a whole. If you’re unfamiliar with blackjack, this might be the game that you find the most resonance with as a sports fan. Not only do the players have more autonomy in a direct competition with each other, but the choices that you make throughout the game in accordance with your own strategy can provide you with the same excitement and back-and-forth that you might expect on the pitch.

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