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Reliving the Most Memorable CFL Games of All Time

The Canadian Football League (CFL) has a storied past brimming with exhilarating moments and games that have left a lasting impression. From jaw-dropping comebacks to nail-biting finishes, the CFL has gifted its fans with an abundance of unforgettable memories. This article analyses three of the most remarkable CFL games ever played.

The 1989 Grey Cup: Saskatchewan vs. Hamilton

The 1989 Grey Cup is often hailed as one of the greatest CFL games ever played. On November 26, 1989, the Saskatchewan Roughriders faced off against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in a high-scoring, back-and-forth affair that left fans on the edge of their seats. The game was played at the SkyDome in Toronto, providing a perfect backdrop for the spectacle.

The game featured numerous lead changes and was highlighted by incredible individual performances, particularly from Saskatchewan’s quarterback Kent Austin and receiver Jeff Fairholm. With the score tied at 40-40 and only seconds remaining, Saskatchewan’s kicker Dave Ridgway stepped up to nail a 35-yard field goal, securing a 43-40 victory for the Roughriders. This thrilling conclusion cemented the game as a classic in CFL history.

The 1994 Grey Cup: BC vs. Baltimore

Another of the most unique and memorable games in CFL history occurred in the 1994 Grey Cup, where the BC Lions faced the Baltimore Stallions. This game, held on November 27, 1994, at BC Place, was significant as it was the first time an American team competed for the championship. The atmosphere was electric, and the stakes were high.

The match was closely contested throughout, with both teams displaying exceptional skill and determination. BC’s quarterback Danny McManus and running back Sean Millington played pivotal roles in keeping the Lions in the game. The climax came in the final moments when BC’s kicker Lui Passaglia, a legend in his own right, kicked a 38-yard field goal to secure a 26-23 victory for the Lions. This game not only highlighted the competitive spirit of the CFL but also demonstrated the league’s expanding horizons.

The 2005 Grey Cup: Edmonton vs. Montreal

The 2005 Grey Cup between the Edmonton Eskimos and Montreal Alouettes is another unforgettable matchup. Held on November 27, 2005, at BC Place in Vancouver, this game was a showcase of resilience and determination from both teams. Edmonton’s quarterback Ricky Ray and Montreal’s Anthony Calvillo, two of the league’s best, went head-to-head in a battle that would not be decided until the very end.

The game was marked by tight defence and strategic plays, leading to a tie at the end of regulation time. The drama intensified during overtime. Edmonton managed to score a touchdown, but Montreal responded with one of their own, sending the game into a second overtime. Finally, Edmonton’s Sean Fleming kicked a field goal, and their defence held firm, clinching a 38-35 victory. The intensity and nail-biting finish made this Grey Cup one for the ages.

These games are just a glimpse into the rich tapestry of CFL history. Each matchup brought its own unique drama and unforgettable moments, solidifying the CFL’s reputation for exciting and unpredictable football. For fans and bettors that are active on platforms like ESPN and Unibet sportsbook, the CFL continues to offer thrilling spectacles season after season.

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