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What Sponsorships Are Not Represented in the CFL?

Although it’s not as popular as hockey, the CFL is a huge league that many Canadians enjoy. As a big competition, they have always collaborated with brands in payments, food, tech, and even betting. The viewership demographic makes them appealing and relevant to all companies who are looking to get brand exposure. The online bookmaker and casino market is incredibly competitive all over the world. Gamblers from Hungary know that they can find lots of options here – at Kaszino Magyar. However, many of these brands want to become visible to those who are considering giving gambling a shot. So being advertised at a sports match is a perfect opportunity.

CFL is huge in Canada, and given how Canadians love to gamble, the league attracts many big brands in the iGaming space. A lot of online casinos and sportsbooks are available globally. Thanks to digital payment apps like Revolut that allow cross border transfers, Revolut online casino sites can offer services to players inside and outside of Hungary. And even these payment companies want to advertise by supporting big leagues or football teams.  

Still, bigger brands don’t like to share advertising space during these big events. This is why many leagues have a single official sportsbook partner on their list. So, let’s see companies that support CFL and also see which companies are underrepresented.

Background of Sponsorship in Sports

Today’s sports sponsorship deals are even more complicated than simply putting a logo design on a jersey or stadium wall.

Currently, the only gaming and sportsbook brand authorized as the official partner of CFL is FanDuel. CFL viewers will definitely have exciting betting options thanks to this partnership. Furthermore, FanDuel will have access to certain data that will come in handy for their Fantasy Football content. This is one of the reasons why other gambling brands aren’t represented and why FanDuel would want to keep it that way.

Fantasy sports are very popular in the US and Canada, and they aim to emulate real sports by relying on accurate data. CFL has announced that they have a new data collection software that will capture play-by-play data at every single game. There is a good chance that other fantasy sports providers won’t have access to the same data as FanDuel.

The Landscape of CFL Sponsorships

In the recent history. the landscape of CFL sponsorships has been diverse.

  • Nissan – Car manufacturer
  • The Brick – Furniture retailer
  • Shaw – Telecommunications Company
  • GMC – Automotive manufacturer
  • Safeway – Supermarket chain
  • Sobeys – Supermarket chain
  • Purolator – Courier service

Each team has its very own set of sponsors to sustain the club. Significant enrollers include Labatt, who has been connected with the organization since its creation in 1958 and Molson Coors Brewing Company.

The majority of teams also have other brands as main sponsors. For example, Hamilton Tiger-Cats games are sponsored by Tim Hortons coffee shops, and there are locations in each stadium where fans can buy their products.

Old Dutch Foods Ltd. also signed on as the sponsor for the 2023 season. This collaboration will help boost the image of Canada’s national sport while adding value to both parties involved. Additionally, players get rewarded for their performance, while companies gain exposure through television broadcasts that reach millions across North America every year.

Unrepresented Sponsorship Categories in the CFL

There are sponsorship categories that are not represented in the league.

Technology and Innovations

There are no notable tech partners in CFL. The only exception is Genius Sports which is working on the previously mentioned data capture software,

It’s a shame since tech companies bring a lot to the table. For instance, Intel was an official sponsor of the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. They provided virtual reality technology that enabled customers at home to experience Olympic events. Fans could enjoy activities such as ice skating or bobsledding with virtual reality headsets.

Healthcare and Wellness

In the CFL, healthcare and wellness sponsorships are not represented. One exception is Beneva Life Insurance which is the official sponsor of Hamilton Tiger-Cats. You could also argue that Safeway would count in this category since they are a big supermarket chain that has healthcare products. Other than that, there are no healthcare and wellness brands. This is quite a big deal when you consider just how crucial these products can be for players’ wellness during their careers.

Moreover, it’s vital to keep in mind that many players have access only to standard treatment through their teams’ training staff. And even then, that care can be restricted by team budgets. Many players also don’t have any kind of medical insurance once they retire from football.

Environmental Initiatives

It’s important to note that there is a lack of sponsorships from companies in the environmental sector. Still, environmentally conscious brands have been making their way into traditional sports over time. That being said, CFL has partnered up with the Ministry of Sustainable Development in the past. So the league does show support for these types of initiatives.

Case Studies of Other Leagues

The National Basketball Association (NBA) has had great success with its jersey patch program. It features league-branded patches on player jerseys, shorts, and socks. This sponsorship generates revenue and increases brand awareness by keeping fans engaged.

The National Football League has been experimenting with various forms of digital signage over the past few years. For example, during Super Bowl 50, digital boards displayed advertisements before games started. This way, fans could see what was coming up next during breaks between quarters or halves.

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