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European League of Football (ELF) Lands American Broadcast Partner In Next Level Sports & Entertainment

The European League of Football (ELF) has announced a broadcast partnership with the emerging company Next Level Sports & Entertainment, making the ELF more widely available to American viewers. For the remainder of the ELF’s 2022 season, every game will be available through their platform

Next Level Sports is a 24/7 multi-sport tv and streaming network that’s available via Samsung TV Plus, Xumo, The Roku Channel, Twitch, DistroTV, Local Now, Fanatiz, SelecTV, and Zingo. For more information on For The Fans, visit

European League of Football CEO Zeljko Karajica commented on the new partnership, stating,

“The expansion of distribution is an important building block on the way to becoming a global brand. By cooperating with Next Level Sports, we are putting our broadcast on wide-reach within the homeland and core-market of American football,”

With this new deal in place, the ELF now has broadcast partners in Germany, Spain, Turkey, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Italy, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, and now the United States. Additionally, other countries can watch ELF games via one of the league’s gamepass options, which can be found on

For those unaware, the European League of Football is a professional American football league that currently consists of 12 teams across 5 countries, with one of their primary goals to develop homegrown talent into NFL prospects. The league played with 8 teams during the inaugural season in 2021, and plans to expand every season until they’ve reached at least 24 franchises.

While this may seem a bit fast for a sports league to expand consistently, what makes it more manageable than it’d be for American leagues is the majority of the ELF’s teams already existed in other European leagues before joining the ELF. Meaning most of their teams had previously established rosters, coaches, front office personnel, venues, fans, and more.

They play by the NFL’s rules for everything besides kickoffs and overtime. In 2021 the ELF used the NFL’s standard kickoff format, but they’ve implemented the kickoff rules used in the XFL’s 2020 season for 2022. The ELF’s overtime goes by NCAA college football rules.

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Matt Lyons is a Writer/Contributor for XFL News Hub, USFL News Hub, & CFL News Hub, covering the XFL, USFL, ELF, and TSL since August of 2020.
1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Wilson Ray

    July 13, 2022 at 11:00 pm

    Enjoy watching the USFL, ELF and the CFL this year. I hope the spring leagues last for ever. Why can’t we have football all year round like soccer. NFL is king , College football is next and then all the spring football leagues. There is a lot of football talent out there. Enjoy watching good college players that don’t make the NFL, continue playing in the other leagues. Good luck to the XFL in 2023.

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