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CFL Draft: 2022 Edmonton Elks Draft Preview

When the 2021 Edmonton Elks season came to a conclusion, there were a lot of questions about the concern of the team in the short and long-term success of its roster.  Especially after a 3 – 11 season, it was a reality that changes would have to be made to make the team competitive going forward in 2022.

Edmonton should look at the 2022 Draft with a lot of optimism about retooling its roster.  They should also take the approach of a combination drafting talent for a caliber player who can start right away, or in the near future.

Tre Ford: Quarterback

Tre Ford is an athlete who would be a great asset to the Edmonton Elks growth in the future.  He is a dual-threat QB that also comes from a track & field background. Although he is looking south of the border at the moment for his NFL Draft status, there will be a slim chance he is picked in the latter part of the NFL Draft.

This is where Edmonton should jump on this opportunity in selecting Tre Ford.  He has a raw talent already and he can transition into the pro game in the near future.  The Elks know that one of their big weaknesses was the play at QB in which Trevor Harris who was either injured and or inconsistent, along with Taylor Cornelius inconsistencies at the QB position. 

Trevor Harris was then shipped to Montreal, in which Edmonton acquired Nick Arbuckle late in the 2021 season.  Although both Nick Arbuckle and Taylor Cornelius could possibly have turnaround seasons, the Tre Ford factor is worth drafting.  All Edmonton should do is look at the growth thus far in Nathan Rourke with the BC Lions.

Beef up the Offensive Line

If they don’t take Tre Ford with their 1st overall pick in the 2022 CFL draft, and Tre Ford is off the board; the Elks need to retool their Offensive Line which was also inconsistent like the play at QB.  With the retirement of an Edmonton fan favorite in Matt O’Donnell, a player like Noah Zerr fits the void of a Matt O’Donnell.  The Elks could obtain him possibly in the 2nd Round providing he is available.

Noah Zerr

Other possibilities for the Offensive Line are Rodeem Brown, University of Alberta, and Zack Fry, University of Western Ontario.


If the 2022 CFL Draft is going the way Edmonton would like from rounds 1 – 3, the Elks should focus on the other side of the ball. 

The Elks already have some good pieces in place at Wide Receiver / Slot Back in Kenny Lawler, Mike Jones, Tevaun Smith, and up-and-coming Shai Ross just to name a few.  At Running Back, they have one of the best in the game who could be back to his form in James Wilder Jr if her gets more help on the Offensive Line. 

This is where the Elks could build a core in this draft on the defense. Someone who come to mind if they are available is Joshua Archibald, Defensive Lineman, McGill University, who could be a hidden gem in this draft.

Joshua Archibald

So on Tuesday, May 3rd, 2022 at 8:00pm EST, the Edmonton Elks rebuild begins now.

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