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It All Began At Rosedale Field, The 1st CFL Grey Cup

When we learn about the origins of football, there are a lot of sacred places, Provinces, and States, that hold a rich historical presence and important significance for the game of football as we know it to its current present.  

Places like Canton, Ohio, Green Bay, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Texas, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Manitoba come to mind when we examine both parts of the 49th Parallel.

One particular place is Rosedale Field located in Toronto, Canada

Origins of the Toronto Argonauts

When the Toronto Argonauts Rowing Club was formed in 1872, their clubhouse was located on York St by the banks of Lake Ontario.

In 1873, rugby was introduced to the Toronto Argonauts Rowing Club as a way of keeping fit during the off-season when countering the rowing calendar.  It was then the name and team colours of Oxford Blue, and Cambridge Blue was adopted and are still in use to this day.

Rosedale Field

Although the Toronto Argonauts played at a few grounds in Toronto during their inception to the Ontario Rugby Football Union (ORFU), it was at Rosedale Field where they would make their home at the beginning of the 1874 season.  They would stay wherein parts of various seasons until their move to Varsity Stadium in 1911.

The 1st Grey Cup.

Rosedale Field was the host of the 1st Grey Cup that was played on December 4th, 1909.  The Grey Cup was won by the University of Toronto as they were victorious over the Toronto Parkdale Canoe Club by a score of 26 – 6.

Rosedale Field Now
So, what does Rosedale Field look like now?   

On Sunday, May 1st, 2022, I decided to walk on the grounds of the historic Rosedale Field.

Field View Photo 1. Long gone are the wooden seating grandstands.

The back of one endzone. It actually is longer than the photo indicates. Which makes me to believe that the current playing surface is not centred as it is now mixed use.

Current location of centre field.

Centre field photo 2.

Softball baseball field photo 1

Softball baseball field photo 2

Field House between hockey rink and tennis court.

Another Field House on the other side of the hockey rink.

Hockey rink view.

Street view photo 1.

Street view photo 2. The many surrounding beautiful homes in the Rosedale area.

Street view photo 3. Look at the bushes, you can see the top of the uprights.

Although Rosedale Field is no longer in use, it holds a significant part of Toronto History along with Football History. Rosedale Field you maybe gone, but you are not forgotten.

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