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2022 Alouette Sack Leader, Mike Moore, Unhappy With the Way His Release Was Conducted

Defensive End, Mike Moore was not happy with the way the Montreal Alouettes conducted their business regarding his release prior to free agency.

Moore was the only player from either the defensive lineman or linebacker group to start and play every game last year. He played the first 7 games at defensive tackle and the rest of the season at defensive end. Moore contributed 39 tackles and a forced fumble over the 18 regular season games and 2 playoff games.

Moore had 6 sacks in the season and 1 sack in Montreal’s playoff win over Hamilton. He was tied for first in sacks on the team over the regular season and playoffs.

“I would say definitely gonna miss my teammates but upset how everything played out. Happy that Calgary is giving me an opportunity to keep playing but also thankful because Montréal almost ended my career and I got to get out there before they could do anything worse. Hope they don’t continue to do teammates dirty there like how it played out with me.” Mike Moore stated when asked about his final thoughts looking back at his playing time in Montreal. 

“As in Montréal, I was only told they were releasing me because my bonus was owed to me the day before free agency and they did not want to pay it. I myself was very surprised, especially after leading the team in sacks. And I am not even the highest-paid d-lineman on the team so very surprised they did what they did but that is business.” Moore explained. 

“But I asked them months prior if they were going to release me to do it early so I would have a good chance of still receiving the same type of money from another team but they told me they would never release me and love me but still ended up doing what they did.” 

During the time of Moore’s release,  the Montreal Alouettes were between owners before the purchase made by Pierre Karl Péladeau. It was also at the time that a lot of CFL media attention had its spotlight on the quarterback movement of Trevor Harris to Saskatchewan and Cody Fajardo to Montreal. Moore explained that he wished the CFL itself had done more to ensure other teams were aware he was available.

“My career almost ended because when I was able to go into free agency everybody was already signed and CFL never made any efforts to let anyone know I was a free agent so really disappointed on their end too. You would think with a young player who has given this league so much they would say more about me but instead, they would rather talk about veterans that are near their last couple years than new guys who are up and coming in this league.”

I asked Moore if he considered joining another league such as the USFL or XFL during that time.

“I considered those other leagues but I’m already at the age where I feel like I am comfortable where I am and would rather stick to what I know with CFL.” Moore responded.

Moore was asked if he would return to Montreal if he were to be a free agent in the future if the Alouettes made a competitive offer.

“If I could go back it would take a lot for me to go back. I love the guys there but how everything went down has definitely left a bad taste in my mouth, but I think it will just take time to heal from the situation. Just really wish everything would’ve been played out with more respect.”

Mike Moore spoke of his appreciation for the Alouette fanbase and his time in Montreal.

“I love the fans there, love the city. Had a great time when me and my family were there. We enjoyed every moment in the stadium. I loved being in a big city where I could hop on the train or the bus and all the fans would show much love and appreciation towards us especially when we made playoffs. It felt like everyone in the city was on our side to win it all especially because it felt like nobody was taking us serious or think of us as contenders, but we fought through adversity and the fans were there every step of the way.”

“And as in for Calgary, I am just happy to be a part of a team that knows what I can bring to the table and I know who will utilize me the right way.” Moore responded when asked what he was looking forward to in joining Calgary.

I also asked if there was any quarterback, in particular, he was looking forward to having an opportunity to sack.

“Nobody specific in the west I’m used to all those guys out there and just want another opportunity to get back to grey cup again.”

I reached out to the Alouettes for a response on their side of the story but did not receive a response.

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