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2022 Hamilton Tiger-Cats Deep Dive Series Part 2: Offensive Breakdown by Position Group

Today we continue our breakdown of the 2022 Tiger-Cats by examining each of their offensive groups. It is important to note that the Tiger-Cats depth chart for this weeks game vs. Saskatchewan has not been made public yet. So we will focus primarily on the projected starters based on the pre-season depth charts.


The projected starting quarterback for Hamilton will be Dane Evans. Dane is an excellent game manager, efficiently executing the offence, and finding ways to get the ball to his offensive weapons. He has had issues with injuries, and sometimes makes mistakes when under pressure. Backup quarterbacks Matt Shiltz and rookie Jamie Newman played well in the pre-season.

Running Backs

Another factor in how well the 2022 Tiger-Cats offense plays depends on how productive the running backs position can be in the regular season. The players that will most likely carry this load for Hamilton are Don Jackson, Sean Thomas-Erlington, and Wes Hills. Don Jackson is an athletic and fast running back that can run the ballf effectively, but he can also be a weapon catching the ball in space. Jackson is excellent at playing in space, but tends to struggle running between the tackles. Wes Hills is very similar to Jackson, meaning that he has good speed and is athletic, but he also struggles to be a consistent runner a ball carrier. Sean Thomas-Erlington is larger that both Jackson and Hills, and is a more traditional runner.


The Tiger-Cats currently have 2 fullbacks on the roster Jake Burt and Felix Garand-Gauthier. Both players are relatively new to the CFL, but with a year of experience Jake Burt will most likely be the primary contributor. Burt is returning from last year’s Tiger-Cats team, and an effective blocker out of the backfield.

Wide Receivers

In 2022, the wide receiver position is the question mark for the Tiger-Cats offence. Bralon Addison is an effective all-around receiver, and he will be utilized in several difference capacities. Addison is capable to producing explosive offensive plays. Tim White is an athletic receiver with great speed, and he can pick up chunks of yards after the catch. Steven Dunbar Jr. is a very good receiver on the perimeter, is dependable and has good hands. David Ungerer III is a solid possesion receiver, and get open underneath defensive coverage, Ungerer III has a reputation for dropping balls when under pressure and in traffic. Papi White is a potential playmaker at receiver for the Tiger-Cats, but he needs to gain experience and develop into a dependable target. Rookie Anthony Johnson had nice performances in both pre-season games in 2022, leading the offense in receiving yards in both games.

Offensive Line

The leader of the offensive line will be Brandon Revenberg. Traditionally, Revenberg is considered as one of the best offensive guards in the CFL, but in the pre-season Revenberg played primarily at left tackle. the Tiger-Cats will be working to find a better solution at left tackle as the season progresses so that Revenberg can return to guard. Chris Van Zeyl is veteran lineman for the Tiger-Cats. In the pre-season, Van Zeyl struggled at times to get into the flow with the Tiger-Cats offense, but it is hopeful that he will develop chemistry quickly with the new lineman as the season progresses. Alex Fontana is a former lineman for the Redblacks. He will also fit in well with the new offensive line and he as the potential to grow into an excellent offensive lineman. Another important offensive line acquisition for the Tiger-Cats is Kyle Saxelid is a technically sound player, and moves well. Other lineman will need to step up and become consistent players for the Tiger-Cats offence to be productive on a consistent basis for the 2022 season.

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats offence will be a work in progress in 2022. The offence may struggle early in the 2022 season until chemistry is developed. If the offensive line and the wide receiver units are able to improve quickly the Tiger-Cats can potentially perform very well offensively in 2022. In part 3 of the Deep Dive series we will explore the key personnel for the Tiger-Cats defensively.

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