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Game-Balls & Jocks – Who Stuck Out For All The Right/Wrong Reasons: Week 2 – Bombers At Ottawa

If you have been a football fan for any amount of time, you have heard the term ‘game-ball.’ The idea behind a game-ball is that provides recognition for someone whose contribution went a long way in helping the team win. Often game-balls handed out by a coach, or a captain. Sometimes television personalities and sports writers give out game balls in their segments or articles.

I am going to be doing something a bit different. Yes, I will hand out a game-ball after each Winnipeg Blue Bomber game, but I will also hand out a jock (all figuratively of course).

The ‘jock,’ is going to go to someone who stunk it up! Maybe it was on one play, or through the course of the game. The idea of the jock, is that it will be the opposite of the game-ball.

Without further adieu, here is my game-ball and jock.

Game Ball: Winnipeg Defensive

I know, some people are going to hate this choice! Winnipeg did give up 331 yards passing. However, they held Ottawa to less than 100 yards rushing. Most importantly, they only allowed 12 points (9 came in the first half, and none of Ottawa’s points were a result of a touchdown). Furthermore, Winnipeg only allowed 3 points in the second half and zero points in the fourth quarter!

Winnipeg’s defence should improve as Thiadric Hanson rejoins the Winnipeg Blue Bombers this week.

While the Bombers brought more pressure on Ottawa quarterback Masoli, this game, there are two plays in particular that stood out. 

Play #1: In the fourth quarter Ottawa was on Winnipeg’s 27 yard line. The Winnipeg defence provided a lot of pressure on that play. Subsequently, Kyrie Wilson tackled the Ottawa receiver for a loss. On the next play Masoli found Acklin, but Acklin was tackled before picking up a first down. The result was third and inches.

On the ensuing play, Jackson Jeffcoat made his presence felt, after missing action in Week 1. Masoli tried to sneak for a first down, but Jeffcoat knocked the ball out and the ball bounced backwards. Even though Ottawa would recover the ball, they would do so short of a first down. As a result Ottawa would turn the ball over to Winnipeg, and miss out on putting crucial points on the board.

Play #2: With the score 19-12 for Winnipeg, Ottawa had the ball on Winnipeg’s 17 yard line. The Bombers defence brought the heat on Masoli again. Trying to evade pressure Masoli scrambled to his right. Masoli found a receiver, Acklin who is in the end zone, but Tyqwan Glass made a fabulous knockdown! That turnover on downs was a complete defensive effort! (Remember that Acklin burned the Bombers in Week 1, with 6 catches for 143 yards! In game 2 Acklin had already caught 7 passes for 77 yards in this game).

Both of those stops came at pivotal moments in the game and helped Winnipeg win the game.

Winnipeg Blue Bombers defence, you get my game-ball.

Jock: Adam Auclair

Who? While he is nowhere to be found on the stats sheet he hugely impacted the game. He was the Ottawa Redblack player that trampled Winnipeg Kicker Marc Liegghio with just over a minute remaining in the game. Winnipeg was up 19-12 and was kicking the ball from deep within their own end.

Ottawa should have got the ball back with time on the clock. While there was not a lot of time remaining in the game, just over one minute, Week 2 around the league showed us that anything is possible.

When Winnipeg punted the ball Ottawa should have had an opportunity to tie the game with a touchdown and one point conversion, or win with a touchdown and two point conversion. But they would not even get the chance! It should have been simple, but it was not. With Adam Auclair’s 15 yard, roughing the kicker penalty, Winnipeg received a new set of downs. As Winnipeg drained the clock on their next possesion, Ottawa’s hopes of a victory went down the drain as well.

Ottawa continued to find ways to shoot themselves in the foot for the second straight game. Ottawa players and coaches desperately need to find a way to remedy that in this bye week.

No, Adam Auclair was not the only player on the Redblaacks to make a mistake. However, at that juncture of the game, such an unnecessary penalty had to be avoided. Watching the game I did not even see an attempt to block the kick. Adam Auclair, you are going to be remembered in that game for all the wrong reasons.

For that stinky play, Ada, Auclair, you get the jock.

Bonus Cameo:

Despite what Will Arndt may say to me on Cameo, following the second Redblacks loss to Winnipeg, I believe Winnipeg is the better team!
Cameo sent to me by Will Arndt

Fan Quote Of The Game:

“Ottawa had chances to chop wood, but they didn’t.” (Reference to when Ottawa saws wood after a touchdown) – My 7 year old son who watched the game beside me on the couch.

Written by a Bomber fan, for the Bomber fans

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