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BC Lions Ready To Take On One & All After Bye Week—HOF Legend, Greg Vavra, Has High Hopes For Rourke—Lions Sign Former Falcon

If you look at the standings for the CFL right now and see the BC Lions a tad down there on the list of the West Division teams, that’s not because they lost, but because they had a bye week at perhaps the most inopportune time to have a bye week…in week 2 of CFL’s season!

Perhaps the worst time to get a bye week, when momentum is high and adrenaline to start the season off on the right foot is perhaps at its highest before the home stretch of the season that is.

via CFL on YouTube

But looking forward to getting back in there they most definitely are….

Especially after the massive season opener against the Elks…a whopping 59 to 15 win; it was the worst possible time to get a week off…momentum and all, as I stated above.

Anyways, they seem to be looking onward and forward despite the much unneeded rest. It was on Monday after practice that right guard Sukh Chungh had this to say on the matter:

“We don’t make the schedule. We abide by the schedule…I’m sure if any coach could pick their bye weeks, they’d plan accordingly. But that’s not how it works. We had some days off last week. It’s up to us to stay in shape. It was nice to come out here today and fly around…

It was nice to get back into football mode and back into the rhythm of things. What Amar did for Week 1 — to see that place buzzing like that — was amazing, man…We definitely look forward to having more crowds like that at B.C. Place. I’ve had people who have reached out and said, ‘That looked fun to play in front of.’ And that’s what it was. It was loud…

The plan is to put butts in seats. The only thing as a football team we can control is winning games, and I’m sure if we keep winning games people will come watch us.”

via The Province

Head coach, Rick Campbell also had some words to add on the matter:

“It’s about getting back into football mode…That’s why we came out here a day early. We wanted to get an extra practice in and make sure that mentally and physically we are back in football mode. Then we’ll start out our normal prep week tomorrow for Toronto…

Everybody has three bye weeks now. It’s becoming part of the season. It’s not something where it’s a one-off deal. We didn’t have a lot of opportunities, but we want to make sure we’re on point on that…We’re always on mission on punt return to always a get a minimum of 10 yards…

We think Lucky can be a dynamic guy. We want to get some space for him and see if we can make some big plays.”

via The Province (link above)

HOF Legend, Greg Vavra is really behind BC Lions quarterback, Nathan Rourke. Vavra for his part was just inducted into the Canadian Football Hall Of Fame on Friday night for his contributions on the gridiron, for which there are indeed many, as you all may already know, dear readers.

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He broke records in University, playing for Calgary, and played 5 CFL seasons in the CFL with Calgary, BC and of course Edmonton.

Here’s what he had to say on Rourke:

“I’m just happy for (Rourke). He seems like a great person who has a skillset and ability to move around and make the secondary play…

I see many attributes in him that should lead to his success and I’m hopeful it does. I watch the Canadians now and I root for the Canadian quarterback just like everyone else does…

He has physical skills but what I really appreciated about watching him was Rick Campbell obviously has an open mind…He’s carrying two Canadian quarterbacks (Rourke and backup Michael O’Connor, of Ottawa) on the roster this year…

And I thought (Maksymic) put (Rourke) in great positions…the offensive philosophy was just excellent. They got guys open and Rourke made the throws, he’s a very accurate passer. The other thing was, I thought his offensive line did an excellent job of protecting him.”

via BC Lions on YouTube

And in other news, the BC Lions have just signed former Falcons RB, Brian Hill…this as of Monday.

Hill at 26 years of age, played 48 games stretched out over the length of 5 seasons with San Francisco, Cincinnati and of course with the Atlanta Falcons, as per TSN.

The Lions are set to go head-to-head with the Toronto Argonauts on Saturday June 25th at 10 PM EST, and they seem ready and roaring to go if you ask this writer.

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