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Blue Bombers Back In Action, Training Camp In Full Gear, Sign Liam Dobsom

Football in Winnipeg came to a halt as the Blue Bombers participated in the first league-wide strike in nearly 40 years. The CFL and the CFLPA were in ongoing talks for several days before they came to a halt.

The CFLPA were concerned with how the leauge numbers were being calculated. They belived that the revenue sharing formula exclude Concessions and Grey Cup Championship. Cocessions and the Grey CUp Championship not being inclided in the revenue sharing formula excludes means that income will be unaudited.

Blelow is a list of what the CFL had proposed.

$18.9 million in total guaranteed increases to the salary cap league-wide.

• $5.94 million in guaranteed compensation paid for community outreach and promotional appearances league-wide.

• An opportunity for twenty-five percent of all revenue growth over an agreed upon the threshold, to be added to the salary cap starting in 2023.

• Clubs would be permitted to re-sign their veterans to partially guaranteed contracts, a first for the CFL.

• A club would be allowed to choose one American player (non-quarterback), who has been in the league for at least four years or has played with the same team for at least three years, who would be considered a Nationalized American.

• This one Nationalized American would count as a National on the roster. He would join 20 or 21 Canadians who also count as Nationals on the roster.

• Each roster would have a minimum of seven National starters. This would include at least six Canadian players. The seventh starter could be either the Nationalized American or an additional Canadian.

• The roster would also include three quarterbacks of any nationality, 19 Americans and up to two Global players.

• A starting Canadian quarterback would count as a National (Canadian).

• These roster changes would kick in as of 2023.

• The minimum salary would increase to $70,000 in 2023 and $75,000 in 2027.

• An updated Code of Conduct that applies to all members of the CFL Community, including fans, instead of just players.

The strike ended Wednesday night, May 18, opening the door for the full resumption of training camps and the first on-time start to the regular season since 2019. The CFLPA distributed a memorandum to the all the players saying they would personally explain the new agreement.

The Blue Bombers were slightly affected by the strike as their game aginst the Saskatchewan Roughriders was rescheduled their game from May 23 to May 31.

Day one of training camp for the Blue Bombers was filled with much happiness and hard worked that you barley noticed how gloomy and depressing it was outside. Veteran right tackle Jermarcus Hardrick compared the day to a kid opening his toys on christmas day.

“It’s almost hard to put this into words,” he began, “but I would say it’s just like a kid who has this dream over and over again of these toys, and he knows he’s going to wake up and see all these presents under the tree. Day 1 of training camp… This is Christmas for me. I knew there were going to be presents, and there’s a lot out here. I’m just so excited.”

All-star linebacker Adam Bighill weighed in on the moral of the team on day 1.

“Any time you have the opportunity to come out here and play football it’s a special feeling. And obviously after missing the first couple days of camp it just makes it that much better when you do get out here because you know how important this is to everybody.”

“It’s been pretty exhausting because of the amount of responsibility, the amount of work, the amount of time and the amount of focus. It’s not easy and I wanted to bear that burden for the guys and try to make this league a better place and be a part of that. To get to this point, it’s all worth it.”

Day two of training camp was filled with even more excitment as two of the teams draft picks offically bled Blue and Gold. First to officially join team was the 2021 No. 13 ovearl pick Tyrell Ford. Ford recently participated in mini cmaps with the New York Jets and the Pittsburg Steelers.

“I’m a competitive guy and want to get on the field,” Ford told a media throng after practice on Friday. “I obviously want to try to start at corner, whatever side it is, and contribute on special teams, which is a big part of it. But I just want to get out there and compete and be a big part of the three-peat.
“I know it’s a big step from university and there’s lots of moving parts, but once I get the playbook down I think I can definitely contribute to the team.”

The second player to join the squad is 2021 No. three overally pick Liam Dobsom. Dobsom inkied is name on a two-year after a short stint with in the USFL New Orleans Breakers. Dobson is an excellent candidate to replace Drew Desjarlais at left guard, who signed a deal with the New England Patriots in January.

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