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Blue Bombers: Grant Signed, Yet Concerns Grow As Free Agency Looms!

Earlier this week the two signings that the Bombers did make were not the splash Bomber fans are waiting for. The Bombers announced the signing of two defensive backs – American Deuce Wallace and Canadian Jacob Janke. I do not blame you if you have never heard of either of them! Wallace went undrafted and signed the New Orleans Saints in 2021, yet never played a game with them. Maybe the most notable thing about Deuce Wallace is that he is the cousin to Kerry Joseph, who played in the NFL, CFL and NFL Europe.

Jacob Janke also has not played a snap of professional football. He was a fourth round selection (going at the 35th spot in the 2019 CFL draft, but returned to York University where he was an All Star. However as we have seen time and time again across the CFL a great university career does not guarantee success in the CFL.

While free agency will not start until February 14th, this Sunday other teams can begin to talk to pending free agents. Is that a blessing or a curse? Maybe only time will tell. On one hand pending free agents will be able to get an idea of what other teams are willing to offer them. On the other hand if pending free agents do not like what other teams are going to offer them they can re-sign with the Bombers before free agency begins.

Maybe that is the play that Bombers’ General Manager Kyle Walters is banking on. At this point, Bailey and Demski remain unsigned, so does and a handful of other playmakers. This list has not been as significantly reduced as Bomber fans would have hoped for by this time.

Even if that is the strategy being used by Kyle Walters it sure does not seem to quell the concerns of Bomber fans. Those that I have spoken to, along with those that I have seen take to social media do not feel comfortable with where the Bombers stand right now. Many are wanting to see Demski back in the fold, but as I wrote about earlier Ellingson may be on the outside looking in.

While not a pending free agent, Dalton Schoen is testing the market south of the border. Depending on who you ask Schoen has some chance or no chance of landing an NFL contract. Yet, Paul Friesen writes “Schoen remains Winnipeg property if he returns. But if he lands a deal down south, who’ll be left for Collaros to hook up with downfield?” I would not want to put words in Paul’s mouth, but he at very least suggests that Schoen may not be back – unless he is simply leading us in a thought exercise.

On the bright side the Bombers did sign Janarion Grant late in the week.

“I’m back because of the culture there in Winnipeg, The guys there work hard but have fun and for me to be able to play the sport I love means everything to me. And falling short by one point in the Grey Cup… I’ve watched it a lot ever since it happened and looked at the good and the bad, the ups and the downs. That’s the game of football.

I just want to be prepared and ready to chase that again in the new season. That drives all of us to come back stronger.”

Source: Ed Tait – Winnipeg Blue Bombers

How big of a hit would losing those 3 receivers be? Schoen, Demski, and Bailey accounted for 79.5% of the Bombers’ receiving touchdowns in 2022!

Nic Demski did put out a tweet the other day that Bomber fans are  hoping means he is close to closing a deal with the Bombers. Are they right? Time will tell.

In past year’s Bomber fans have come to trust Kyle Walters, and deservedly so. Nevertheless, this offseason will either cement the brilliance of Kyle Walter or show just how difficult it is to keep a team together that has been to 3 Grey Cups in a row!

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Written by a Bomber fan, for the Bomber fans.

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