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Bombers Defense Making History—Lawler Takes Responsibility for His Actions off the Field

Bombers receiver, Kenny Lawler, was arrested earlier this week for a DUI, as we reported. It was at practice on Tuesday, or rather after practice, that Kenny Lawler apologized for his now very public arrest for driving under the influence. According to a report by CBC, Kenny was allowed to practice, despite the fact that he has been suspended from the game. In his statement, he said:

“This was a mistake…It was a selfish decision; just a bad decision on my part that I knew better not to step in that car. I’m sorry to everyone out there…I want everyone out there to be very smart about the decisions they make…I’m just thankful and blessed that I ain’t hurt nobody. I didn’t even hurt myself…Something like this could be 10 times worse, so I just want the kids, fans, adults, just anyone, just to really think twice about the things and the decisions that you’re about to make when you’re not in the right mind…Man, I was dreading walking in this locker room having to deal with everything that’s happened and transpired…And as soon as I walked in this locker room, man, I was just being hugged on…I’m open to whatever. Any help that I could get, I’m all for it…”

via CBC
via CHVN Radio

So he is obviously open to getting that rehabilitation that may be needed for these issues. The whole rehab thing may be a way to get the negative attention off the team right now, but he’s being cooperative…something he was doing since his arrest, as we reported last time.

Teammate, Zach Collaros spoke up on the issue as well:

“…Kenny’s really remorseful. He’s accepted his punishment, obviously, and he’s trying to take responsibility for the decision he made…We’re going to rally around him as teammates…When he gets back, he’ll be ready to go…”

via CBC

Bombers head coach, Mike O’Shea had some thoughts on the matter as well. He said:

“There’s some anger involved, and then you take it back to the person, the player and teammate that we have here that we all like and enjoy,” O’Shea said. “It quickly rights your train of thought into, all right, what does he need, what’s the team need then and how do we move forward? …We just feel that there has to be something from the team that shows that we don’t condone this behavior…”

via CBC

He is speaking specifically of the suspension. He also added that he does not believe that the league will be punishing Lawler beyond this punishment decided on by the Bombers, though.

We didn’t receive an answer, however, to the question of who will be playing on Friday against the Edmonton Elks. The two options they’re looking at are: Drew Wolitarsky, who may be injured—apparently sustaining a leg injury against the Lions, and receiver Naaman Roosevelt, who did practice with the team on Tuesday.

Bombers having a history making season

And the Bombers continue to impress, their defense making the most amount of noise, proving it all game after game. According to a report at the Winnipeg Sun, Paul Bennett, who played with the Bombers, Toronto and even the Ti-Cats throughout the eighties, states that watching the Bombers play is very reminiscent of his time in football. He made some statements regarding this. He said:

“…When I look at this team, they’re feeling absolutely invincible…You can feel it. I love defensive football. And I had the best seat in the house, playing free safety…It’s a pretty wonderful thing to witness. And the best part of it is I know they’re having the best time of their lives…”

via Winnipeg Sun
via Winnipeg Blue Bombers

But he also states that a coach and player combination of understanding going back and forth is very important, and this team has it apparently, and according to the CFL legend and Grey Cup winner. He won the cup with the Ti-Cats in 1986 when he played with them.

“…coaches understanding the strengths of their players and building a game plan around those strengths…The players feed off that…”

via Winnipeg Sun

And as enjoyable as it is to watch for a legend like him, the fans are enjoying the Bombers defensive game as well. It’s wonderful to see, and we want to see it continue moving forward. I’m sure it’s amazing to hear the respect of an OG, however, so these words can only improved team morale, which despite issues mentioned in this piece, seems to be quite high.

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Show me someone who has done something worthwhile, and I’ll show you someone who has overcome adversity.

– Lou Holtz

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