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Bombers Fall To The Lions: Game-Balls & Jocks Who Stood Out For All The Right/Wrong Reasons

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers are currently on a bye week after falling 32-40 to the BC Lions.

While many were not expecting the Bombers to win – as they were resting their starting quarterback Zach Collaros – the game was closer than many may have thought it would be. Part way the game the Bombers would rest other starters including Adam Bighill.

As I wrote previously this game was not about winning for the Bombers, rather it was about seeing what talent they had behind their starters.


Dru Brown

Drew Brown played started and finished the game as the Bombers’ starting quarterback. He went 28/39 for 325 yards and threw for 2 touchdowns. Not at all bad for a player getting their first CFL start – especially when considering he was playing a very good BC Lions team. The only other Winnipeg Blue Bomber quarterback to throw for over 300 yards and 3 touchdowns in his first start was Khari Jones.

However, what really hurt his cause was throwing 2 interceptions that were returned for touchdowns. Take those 14 points off the board and the Bombers win the game. But mistakes are expected by a quarterback getting his first CFL start.

Dalton Schoen

Dalton Schoen now leads the league with 14 touchdowns so far on the season. That puts Schoen in third place of all CFL rookies in touchdowns of all time! He was not targeted often but caught 4/7 for 82 yards and 1 touchdown. Schoen must be considered an automatic for rookie of the year!

Rasheed Bailey

Bailey must also be in the conversation for the game-ball. Targeted 14 times he caught 11 of those for 121 yards and 2 touchdowns.

The Game-Ball Goes To…

While all these men could be in the running for the game-ball it must go to returner Janarion Grant who returned 5 punt returns for 172 yards and took one of them all the way back for a touchdown! This season there have only been 2 punt returns for touchdowns, and Janarion Grant has both of them!

For having amazing returns that gave the Bombers great field position that kept them in the game, Janarion Grant, you get my game-ball.


I am going to cut right to the chase. Marc Liegghio gets the jock. Why? It is obvious. Marc Liegghio missed 3 field goals. Yes the misses did come from 52, 53, and 45 yards out, but I believe the coaching staff felt that Liegghio could make all of those. If they did not believe that they most certainly would not have put him out to try them.

No, this was not a case of the coaches thinking, “Well let’s see how this guy does under pressure so we know when the playoffs come around.” Such thinking would be foolish and something that I would expect to come out of the Roughrider camp, not the Bomber camp.

Marc Liegghio struggled earlier in the season and there is no way heading into what will be a hotly contested playoff battle that the Bomber coaching staff would intentionally do anything to rattle Liegghio’s confidence. The coaching staff firmly believed Liegghio could make all those field goal attempts. Had Liegghio made those 3 field goal, even though Dru Brown threw 2 pick-6s, the Bombers win the game 41-40.

It was Liegghio’s job to support Dru Brown by making his kicks so that Brown could make his mistakes in his first start.

For not supporting your quarterback making his first CFL start, Marc Liegghio you get the jock.


While the Bombers did not come out on top, the game was highly entertaining.

What did I get right? What did you disagree with? Let me know in the comments.

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Written by a Bomber fan, for the Bomber fans.

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