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Bombers Host Lions: What To Expect

Can I just start out by saying that I have no clue what to expect?

Seriously, I did not expect the Bombers to be as good as last year, but I certainly did not expect them to start the season 0-2.

I knew it would take some time for the Bombers offence to get going as they did not play many of their starters in the pre-season. However, when I say “some time,” I meant like the 3rd quarter of the first game.

Yet, it seems like we are still in that timeline of “some time.”

Here was Week 1 for the Bombers.

And Week 2 was no better.

After Week 2 I wrote “Winnipeg In A Ton Of Hurt!” So now what? Can we take anything from Week 1 and 2 and expect it to be the same?

In 2023 the Bombers lost at home to BC in Week 3 by a score of 30-6. That after putting up 42 points against Hamilton in Week 1 of 2023 and pasting the scoreboard with 45 points vs. Saskatchewan in Week 2 of 2023. However, in Week 9 of 2023 the Bombers put up a 50 burger, beating the Lions 50-14. Week 18 of 2023 saw the Bombers face the Lions in BC and the Bombers won that game 34-26. Winnipeg would beat BC in the Western Final 24-13. As for the Lions in this 2024 season they are 1-1.

If there is anything positive for the Bombers it is not “Hey, it is only Week 2”. No, rather, the only positive is that a lot of teams are either 1-1; and two other teams are 0-2.

However, that might be the only good news for the Bombers as their injury list continues to grow!

For those that might be unfamiliar with the acronyms, DNP stands for “Did Not Practice.” And while that is not always an indication of a players injury status, it usually means that they are not healthy enough to practice. You will notice that Schoen returned to practice on Tuesday which can only help the Bombers.

So here is what I expect, or at least hope to expect to see in Friday’s game.

  • I expect the Bombers are going to come out with more urgency; but not only that, more execution. Urgency without execution only leads to mistakes.

Buck Pierce said, “We have to do our part.” As far as he is concerned they need more consistency.

As for Adam Bighill, he said, “We’ve got to play three-phase football.”

  • I expect BC to try an build off their momentum from win 1 on the season in Week 2.
  • I would like to believe that the Bombers are going to get after Vernon Adams; if they do not he will torch them!
  • I hope that the boo-birds do not come out. Even before Winnipeg was a winning team the fans would jump on players and coaches for sub-par performances…now Winnipeg fans have a high expecttion.
  • I believe the Bombers’ kick coverage will be good. It has improved this year as they are quiker down the field to cover.
  • I believe the Bombers will not panic, but if they drop 3 straight I have to assume you will see some changes. Not the Head Coach, not the General Manager, and I do not know who…but I would expect to see some big changes. However, as Ed Tait writes, the Bombers are not looking for any quick fixes. I guess we will see, or hope we do not have to see!
  • I would anticipate the the Bomber receivers do a better job of catching and holding on to the ball!

Only one the the CFL writers are piking the Bombers to win. And here record is not that great this year.

However, I have to pick the Bombers to beat the Lions! Will it be close, your guess is as good as mine!

What do you think? Let me know in the comments section wherever you are reading this.

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