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Bombers Lose In Hamilton Again! Game Ball & Jock

Ask the Winnipeg Blue Bombers one stadium they do not want to play in and they probably would not tip their hand! But the reality is that the Bombers have a really, really, hard time winning in Hamilton…unless it is the Grey Cup.

Now, just because they have not seemly been able to win their does not mean that their next game has to be a loss there. Some pundits say that it gets into Winnipeg’s head. Sorry, not sorry, the Bombers are still elite and have a prolific offence!

Game Ball

I have to give the Game Ball to Bomber’s quarterback Zach Collaros! He made the downfield passes that he had to; often quick strikes to keep the Bombers close.

No. I do not care about his 3 interceptions! He is a gunslinger and sometimes that will bite you. Yes, it might impact his CFL Most Outstanding Player bid, but he is in this first and foremost for a Grey Cup win!

Look at those statistics and tell me Zach Collaros did not win the Game Ball!


I have to give the Jock to Bombers’ play caller Buck Pierce! Maybe that seems unconventional after giving the Game Ball to Collaros; but here is the deal…Collaros can only execute on the plays that are called and he did that! What did not occur was a balanced attack by the Bombers. The run game; which features the best running back in the CFL!

A team that is known for playing “bully ball,” simply is not good enough with Brady having 46 yards! I get it! The Bombers fell behind early, but that is not reason to abandon the run. When the Bombers do not have a running game they are in a world of hurt! That is why I wrote, “Without The Run The Bombers Got None!”

Do you like my picks? Do you hate my picks? Let me know in the comment section wherever you are reading this!

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