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Bombers Post Massive Financial Gains From 2023 Season!

Look, the way we consume sports has undoubtedly changed!

Regional blackouts are primarily gone. Many people have 55″+ televisions. Concessions at the games are pricey. So many people decide to watch their favorite sports team from the comfort of their own house, with far more less-expensive beverages and food at hand!

Yet, even in this changing climate the Bomber have posted a an operating profit of $5.7 million. And that is up from from the 2022 $4.9 million profit announced.

Club revenue totalled $50.5 million in 2023, an increase of $5.1 million, or 11.2%. Gate receipts reached a record high of $15.1 million, up 9.6% from 2022, while game day, merchandise and concessions are also at an all-time high of $11.5 million – a $1.1 million jump and 10.5% increase from 2022.

Look, I get it. Those are not huge numbers if you are talking about other North American professional sports.

But, in the CFL those are big numbers!

Helping the fact is that the Bombers led the league in game attendance of the last 2 years.

So how do they do it admits the changing culture I outlined above?

Here’s my perspective, a guy that goes to almost every home game for the last 10+ years.

The game day experience is like no other! The Bombers have figured out a way to pry people of Manitoba off their couches and attend the games live! From discount concessions and drinks before the game; to the official Tail Gate area, the Bombers have made the game worth going to even before the opening kickoff.

Then there is security. Often overlooked, security are front-line workers. Years ago the Bombers had a different security company that was terrible! I recall going to a game at the old stadium; it was a playoff game in November. Manitoba can be a frozen wasteland at that time of year. With cheap end zone seats and a 1,000 layers of closes to stay warm, my friends and I stood to move and stay warm.

It was not long before security came t us and told us that if we did not sit we would be kicked out. We asked all the fans around us if they had an issue with us standing – none did. Yet that did not pacify the security and they re-uttered their demand/threat.

Fast forward to the new stadium and the new security organization (to be fair in the opening seasons the Bombers still employed the old security organization).

But once they changed security organizations the difference was immediately noticeable!

No longer were be badgered entering the stadium with our toddlers about bringing snacks for the young ones. No longer were the security lines to enter the stadium painfully slow. And no longer did we have to walk on eggshells during the game fearing a security power trip!

In fact, on the rare occasion there is a potential issue, security has done a 180 and protects the fans as opposed to power tripping!

I am sure that the Bombers’ on-field performance has something to do with the increased attendance. And not to take a pot-shot, even if Toronto had a fabulous team, they would still struggle with attendance.

The Bombers have found the secret sauce to draw people away from their comfortable abodes; even in late fall to come to the games. It is obvious that management takes a fan-first approach and as long as hey continue to do so, I see healthy revenues for years to come!

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