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Bombers Went Younger & Miller Over Hall & Boudreau!

As I mentioned last week the Bombers were going to be replacing Paul Boudreau as the Special Teams Coordinator. With Mike Miller becoming the new Special Teams Coordinator it is glaringly apparent that the Bombers were considering this move for some time.

“Making any staff changes is never an easy decision, and we are very appreciative of the years Bou (Boudreau) spent with us,” O’Shea said. “Mike Miller is a guy who is very well respected across our league, and I think will make a great coach. He is one of, if not the best, special teams player of all-time, and I’m looking forward to seeing him transition into this new role.”


We still have no clearer indication on whether this move was a result of the coaching cap; the Bombers’ special teams performance as a whole; or a bit of both…and as I mentioned I do not think we ever will. What we can assume is that Mike Miller will not be drawing the same sized pay cheque that Paul Boudreau was.

While Mike Miller was a fabulous Special Teams player; Most Outstanding Canadian in 2019; selected as the West Division’s Most Outstanding Special Teams Player in 2019 and 2021; and a 3-time Grey Cup champion, with Edmonton in 2015 and with the Blue Bombers in 2019 and 2021 will that success translate off the field? That will remain to be seen.

As for Jordan Younger, he has already worked in the Bombers’ coaching staff. Previously, younger was the Bombers’ Defensive Backs Coach. What should not be lost with Jordan Younger taking on the Defensive Coordinator position is that is leaves questions about Richie Hall. Remember, Hall was the Bombers’ Defensive Coordinator for a while and for all of their last 4 Grey Cup appearances.

Should we ready anything into the Bombers’ last 2 Grey Cup losses and Hall’s departure out of the role. Guaranteed there will be some that are going to respond with an emotional, “You bet, and it is about time Hall moves on!”

But not so fast. If you take an analytical approach the Bomber’s defense was not bad at all. In fact, it was 3rd in the league!

Yet, the Bombers’ press release is pretty vague with how Hall will be involved with the Bombers in the 2024 season. “Hall will remain in the organization, working with the defensive staff, and 2024 will mark his ninth season as a member of the Blue Bombers coaching staff.”

How much does all of this have to do with the Bombers’ coaching salary cap? Did these moves have to happen to free up more money to re-sign Bombers’ General Manager Kyle Walters? Did these moves have to do with two heart-breaking loses in the last two Grey Cups?

We likely will never know the totality of what went into the decisions. These moves will be judged only by one thing…how do the Bombers do in 2024?!

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