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Bombers Part Ways With Special Teams Coach Paul Boudreau!

While the Bombers have been busy re-signing key components for their 2024 season, one guy who did not receive an extension was Bombers’ Special Teams Coach Paul Boudreau.

While it is not clear why Boudreau was not offered an extension, one thing is clear; the Bombers will probably not be completely transparent with the reasoning. When asked, I would expect Bombers’ General Manager, Kyle Waters, to respond with something like, “There were a number of factors at play.” I suspect that answer will not be accepted right away by the media and they will press asking, “Is this a casualty of the coaching salary cap, or related to the Bombers’ special teams performance?”

Again, I would be very surprised if anyone on the Bombers’ staff gives a completely transparent answer. Walters will likely indicate that the cap was part of the discussion and again repeat, “There were a number of factors at play.”

What Bomber fans will be certain of is that their team did not have great special teams performances over the last couple of season. While we could point to a bunch of 1-offs in the last two Grey Cups the Bombers lost, the issue is far more systemic.

Anyone watching the Bombers over the last couple of seasons has seen that they are not quick enough down the field on kick coverage, and (excluding break out plays) have not had the best coverage for their own kick returns.

We all know that Bombers’ Head Coach, Mike O’Shea, is a special teams guru. As he looks to the 2024 season; and even to the 2025 season where Winnipeg hosts the Grey Cup, I doubt he is ecstatic about their special teams play.

We may never know all the reasons that the Bombers parted ways with Boudreau, but two things are certain. First, we will miss his coffee stir straw chewing on the sidelines during the games. Second, the Bombers will have a new Special Teams Coach starting the 2024 season. Some may speculate that the Bombers will give that position to their current Head Coach, and he will wear two hats. I am very doubtful about that.

The Bombers do not make moves unless they have a plan. In fact, Paul Budreau is already removed from the Bombers’ website.

My guess is that they have a person that they are already considering to be the next Special Teams Coach. Who is it? I do not know. What is your guess? Or do you think the Bombers should have kept Paul Boudreau?

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