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Calgary Stampeders Re-sign Receiver Tyson Middlemost Ahead of Free Agency

3 Key Points:

  • Calgary Stampeders secure national receiver Tyson Middlemost with an extended contract.
  • At 25, Middlemost was approaching free agency on February 13 before re-signing.
  • Contribution includes 20 special-teams tackles, a forced fumble, and onside-kick recovery.

Stampeders Retain Middlemost Prior to Free Agency

The Calgary Stampeders have taken a proactive step in retaining one of their own ahead of the free agency rush, announcing the extension of receiver Tyson Middlemost. The team has secured the 25-year-old player, showing confidence in his abilities on and off the field.

Impact on Calgary’s Roster

As a national receiver, Middlemost has been a versatile asset to the Stampeders. Over his three seasons post-draft, he’s participated in 41 regular-season games, demonstrating his value to the team’s strategic play both as a special-teamer and a supporting receiver.

Player Performance and History

Middlemost’s statistics, while he may not be the primary target on the field, show his utility with the team. Throughout his career with the Stampeders, Middlemost has accumulated 20 special-teams tackles, secured a forced fumble, and successfully completed an onside-kick recovery. On the receiving end, he boasts five catches for a total of 44 yards. Performance at McMaster University was notable as well, with Middlemost snagging 83 receptions for 1,032 yards and achieving seven touchdowns over 26 games in four seasons.

Future with the Stampeders

The extension of Middlemost’s contract signals the Calgary Stampeders’ commitment to maintaining a strong and cohesive roster. As the team prepares for the upcoming CFL season, preserving key players like Middlemost provides both depth and experience on the field.

As the free agency deadline approaches, the Calgary Stampeders are positioning themselves strategically by keeping a talented national player within their ranks, an important move for the continuity and development of the team.

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