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Calgary Stampeders Unveil Refreshed Uniforms for the 2023 CFL Season

The Calgary Stampeders have revealed their new uniforms for the 2023 CFL season, featuring updates to the home, away, and alternate jerseys. These changes blend elements of the team’s historical aesthetics with modern design, providing fans with an exciting fresh look.

Home Uniforms

The 2023 home uniforms closely resemble the ones worn by Calgary during their 2021 season, which celebrated the team’s 75th anniversary. Retaining the exclusive red and white color scheme, these jerseys have become the primary uniform for the Stampeders since their introduction.

Away Uniforms

The away uniforms have undergone notable changes compared to the ones worn for the past two seasons. The jersey numbers no longer feature a black outline. Additionally, the new design has removed the black piping along the side of the jerseys and added white strips to the shoulders and pants.

Alternate Uniforms

The alternate black uniforms remain virtually unchanged from the ones unveiled in the summer before the Labour Day Classic. These jerseys maintain the bold black design that has become a fan favorite over the years.

Team Colors and History

The Stampeders’ primary colors have traditionally been red and white, but the team has incorporated black, silver, and gold accents in the past. In 1994, they introduced black alternative uniforms, which have been a staple ever since. These alternate jerseys are typically worn during the annual Labour Day Classic.

The Calgary Stampeders’ new uniforms for the 2023 CFL season showcase a blend of historical elements and contemporary design. With minor updates to the home and alternate uniforms and more significant changes to the away uniforms, the team is ready to hit the field in style. The addition of white facemasks to all three designs offers a fresh touch that pays homage to the team’s rich history.

Fans can purchase the new Stampeders gear now.

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