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CFL Commissioner Randy Ambrosie Talks League’s Future Expansion, Labor Day Weekend and More in Exclusive Interview with Rod Pedersen

The Canadian Football League (CFL) Commissioner Randy Ambrosie recently sat down with Rod Pedersen to discuss an array of topics including the state of the league, the upcoming Labor Day weekend matchups, and much more. The insightful exchange shed light on what fans can expect from the CFL moving forward.

The Labor Day Buzz

Ambrosie acknowledged the special feeling around the Labor Day weekend, stating, “But Rod, this weekend has got a special feel to it and you’re absolutely right, this is a great way to kick off Labor Day because BC got to get back on the winning track going into Montreal who have been playing very well.” He went on to preview the intense rivalries and games that fans can look forward to over the holiday weekend.

The State of the CFL

On the state of football and the CFL, Ambrosie mentioned, “The general picture is positive. We’re starting to see really good things happen across the country. Our level of connection to our fans has never been higher.” This statement is not just lip service; Ambrosie discussed the league’s burgeoning social media strategy and how new ownership in Montreal and BC have reinvigorated the teams and their fan bases.

On Future Expansion

When quizzed about a potential 10th team in the league, Ambrosie responded, “There seems to be a lot of energy around Halifax right now.” While not ruling out other locations, he indicated that Halifax remains the focus of current expansion talks.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, the interview highlighted Commissioner Randy Ambrosie’s enthusiasm and plans for the league’s future. Ambrosie underscored the significance of the upcoming Labor Day weekend matchups, hinting at it as a turning point in the CFL season. Moreover, his comments indicated strong ownership and increased fan engagement as driving factors for the league’s positive outlook. Last but not least, Ambrosie expressed interest in Halifax as the potential location for a future CFL expansion. This weekend’s Labor Day matchups and the seasons beyond promise to be an exciting time for CFL fans.

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