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CFL Introduces New Fan Favourite Player Program: Cast Your All-Star Votes Now!

Key Points:

  • CFL enhances fan participation with the All-Star Fan Vote and the new Fan Favourite Player program.
  • Genius Sports powers the voting system with WSC Sports’ technology offering in-game highlights for informed choices.
  • Opportunity to win two $2,500 cash prizes; voting ends October 31, 11:59 p.m. ET.

The Canadian Football League (CFL) takes another step towards engaging its audience by inviting fans to play a significant role in naming the crème de la crème of this season. Both fans and official bodies like the Football Reporters of Canada (FRC) and the head coaches of the CFL clubs will have a say in the All-Star selections.

Newly launched this year is the Fan Favourite Player initiative. This program is a special feature where fans can vote for their most-liked player. It’s a pure reflection of fan sentiment, standing apart from the All-Star team selections. This accolade grants players a unique status, crowned as the league’s official Fan Favourite Player. Additionally, fans can incorporate their Fan Favourite choice into the CFL All-Star team ballot.

CFL’s tech partner, Genius Sports, facilitates the All-Star Fan Vote. It’s part of the CFL Game Zone, a dedicated hub offering exclusive league-centric games and contests. Voting is made smoother and more informative with the inclusion of up-to-date in-game highlights, thanks to WSC Sports’ technology. These highlights are embedded directly into the player profiles complemented by their ongoing statistics.

From today, each fan has the privilege to cast three votes – two for their All-Star team and one for the Fan Favourite. Voting doesn’t just let fans voice their choices; it also gives them a chance to win. Each vote can be an entry to win one of two cash prizes, each worth $2,500. One prize is dedicated to the All-Star votes, and the other caters to the Fan Favourite initiative.

When it comes to the All-Star ballot, fans can choose one player for every position, culminating in ten players per ballot. The All-Star teams, divided as the East Division, West Division, and the comprehensive CFL All-Star team, will have a roster of 27 players each. This list includes diverse roles ranging from quarterbacks, receivers, linemen, and more, ensuring that every crucial position in football gets its due recognition.

Fans are encouraged to participate, making their preferences known, and be a part of the CFL’s decision-making process. The league cherishes its fans, and this is an avenue to strengthen that bond. All entries are welcome till October 31, so make your choices count!

To learn more about the CFL All-Star Fan Vote, please visit

To vote for the All-Star team or the Fan Favourite Player, please visit

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